AVOTT: The Gift NIN concert film Kansas City screening *CLOSED*

As we had previously posted, Starlight Theatre was taking a survey to gauge interest in holding a screening of the concert film Another Version of the Truth: The Gift. The film was assembled by a group of passionate fans under the project name of “This one is on us” using band-shot footage that they released as a “gift” of the 2008-2009 Nine Inch Nails North America ‘Lights in the Sky’ tour.

Well if you are a Nine Inch Nails fan, there is some great news. Response was good enough that Starlight has decided to move forward with the screening…

Even if you are not a die hard NIN fan, the ‘Lights in the Sky’ tour’s visuals were highly regarded throughout the concert industry. The show utilized interactive lighting that would change based on sound, band interaction, and even became it’s own instrument at one point. Details of it were covered in this Wired article.

Here is the trailer for the project that gives you a peek at what to expect.

Starlight is asking that a $10 donation be made to help cover their operations cost for the event. In order to attend you must RSVP. Full details of how to RSVP for the event can be found in this thread on the NIN.com forums. Donations will be accepted at the door the night of the event.

As the flyer notes above, those looking to mingle with other like-minded NIN fans, Starlight is offering a VIP pre-party. The pre-party has a $20 per person cost. Exact details of the pre-party have yet to be released.

For specific information about the event, and details about RSVP’ing, head to the thread for this screening on the NIN.com forums. Act quickly, once Starlight reaches it’s capacity RSVP’ing will be closed. To download a copy of AVOTT: The Gift and other fan assembled Nine Inch Nails concerts including the Webster Hall performance of the band’s landmark 1994 release The Downward Spiral in it’s entirety head here. There is also a fan group working on a release of the May 2009 Nine Inch Nails performance at Starlight. Details of it are at yourworldonfire.net

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