Vampires Everywhere!

Ok we all know that after Twilight the most marketable thing you can do is go “Vamp.” It seems that everyone is jumping on the band wagon, music included. If you follow the site, you know that I’m not a big fan of this blood-sucking band wagon, so when I was handed the the assignment to review the newest release from Vampires Everywhere!, “Lost in the Shadows”¬† I was less than thrilled. Before I sat down to give the whole album a full listen, I gave it a small 15 second preview and was reminded of my metal days, this also set me back because as I got older I started to ask for a little more than double bass from my music collection. Having said that, Vampires Everywhere! had a lot to overcome in order to sway this critic; I have to say that I’m surprised that they did.

Now with most of the bands out there that are trying to jump into the Vamp scene, the vamp gimmick is mostly all they have to grab on to. In this case I would have to say that along with their gimmick, an over use of pitch auto-correction is about the only two things that hold Vampires Everywhere! down. Each member is very talented and they all come together well to create a tight melodic machine. Formed in Los Angeles in 2009 by front man Michael Vampire, the band has quickly gained recognition in the LA music scene.

The stand out track, from the five song EP, Immortal Love is surprisingly lyrically vampire-absent and has a nice catchy chorus that I can see melting 14 year old goth girl’s hearts all over the states. Another one of my stand out favorites would have to be Bury Me Alive, it has a minor Hatebreed feel to it in the chorus and a hint back to groove metal from guitarist Aaron Graves and Zak Night. Other than that, like most metal fare, the EP just mixes together as you start to wonder if this is a song you have heard before. Over all the album has everything you would expect out of a talented metal band with a dose of the undead, that I could have lived with out, but hey if you don’t read the lyrics and check out the album sleeve you would never know. So here is to the hope that the vampire band wagon dies, but doesn’t leave this band in it’s wake.

Vampires Everywhere’s debut EP “Lost in the Shadows” will be available on February 9, 2010.

I give “Lost in the Shadows” 2.5 “Bela Lugosi’s Dead, so leave him that way” out of 5.

by Ryan Davis

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This is Immortal Love by Vampires Everywhere!

Vampires Everywhere! from Scott Hansen on Vimeo.


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