Big Love: End of Days (Season Finale)

Tonight was crazy and exciting, while saddening at the same time, being the finale and all. I have had fun with this season and I knew they would try to wrap up as many plots as possible, while not filling all of the holes. My first plot hole is Adaleen burning JJ and JJ’s wife in the wheel chair alive in the clinic, while tied up on the ground. While this was awesome and needed (hated that guy), all we see is JJ running off from the clinic when Bill arrives and Adaleen screaming for someone to run after him and get him. Next scene, they are tied up and helpless and she burns them alive. Now, unless JJ’s son was helping her, she must have gained some Super Man strength to capture them. Either way, Bravo!

So, now the question is “will she keep the baby?” If she really was preggers, which I would bet she is, is abortion out of the question at the compound, even for incest reasons (egg from Wanda fertilized by JJ)? That will probably be a big subject next year. Also at the compound, Alby is still weird, but broken. He is still grieving over the loss of Dale and seems to be taking it out on his first wife, who is dying for his affection. She asks what she can do and he takes a box cutter to her face! She lets him, luckily it was just a small cut we see later, but no explanation for it. We also see him tearing down the wall covering in the office that was his father’s. He must have been covering up the clouds from before, because I haven’t noticed them at all until now. I can’t tell if he was just tearing them down in anger for Dale, or if there was more to that. He has said, again, he will proclaim himself to be the next Prophet. That will be fun, once he gets his legs again. Right now, he is no threat to anyone.

Back at home, Margie is still holding onto the business, still married to Goran, but wants out for fear of having feelings for him. When she confesses this to Ana, Ana is fine and expected it. She was weirdly welcomed into their love to make a weirder love triangle. She is good friends with Ana, and has to spend time with Goran for appearances, but I feel like this could develop into a weird side-polygamy thing for her. At the moment, it just looked like a sincere moment between friends, but if this continues and her current family keeps pushing her, it could happen.

Nikki is still confused about herself, being that she now knows what really happened to her Father and her Mother is pregnant and she is infertile. She is also confused about her faith and now loves Bill and wants him for herself. This was a really odd addition to the show. She has never shown feelings for him, and started to show feelings for that other guy last season and now, all of a sudden, she is totally in love with Bill. She also barely avoided being injected with the egg of Cara Lynn (her daughter), which had been fertilized by JJ, eww!

Barb was by far, my favorite this season. She has definitely come out of her shell and learned to stand on her own two feet. She has tried again and again this season to instruct Bill of his stupid ideas and fix any problems the entire family had and run his casino and always stand by his side, but she has finally had enough. Good for you Barb. She tells him in private that she has needed him for 20 years now and finally she has realized that she doesn’t need him anymore. This smells like divorce, but why then does she still stand up beside Bill in the end when he is giving his acceptance speech and outs them all?

Yes, Bill won the race, amazingly, and still decided to out the whole family, despite everything they were already facing. I was really holding my breath in the end hoping he wouldn’t do it. There was so much tension in the air with each of the wives. First he calls Nikki, who is still recovering from a crazy clinic incident, and now has a smoking-hot new look thanks to Margie, next was Margie. I wasn’t sure if she would stand up. She has to be concerned about her business now, and what of the marriage to Goran? If the right people saw this conference, would they just annul the marriage and send him packing? Would Ana then be gone too?

Then when he called Barb, I was on pins and needles. I was almost certain, after the speech she just gave him, that she would stand up and walk out of the conference, but she didn’t! So all three wives stood in a row, holding hands, each wearing a color of the flag: red, white, and blue. Bill came in front of the podium and grabbed Barb’s hand and completed the look with his dark suit and striped tie. A symbol of the future, people!

So next season, if he is allowed to keep his job after this stunt, he will most likely move the entire family into the big house, which will be interesting; everyone under one roof. He is going to be battling to save the face of polygamy, but with JJ starting all the incest in Kansas, it has a really bad name now. We will definitely be seeing more of the family, although this season finale didn’t answer whether or not Sarah was really moving to Seattle. The last look we got from her was leaning toward no, but if she has any sense, she will run and not look back. Honestly, I think this is giving Amanda Seyfried an ‘out’ for her movie career; not writing her off for movies, but keeping her in the story for reappearances now and then.

I hope that next season isn’t so much about the politics and crazy head games they played on each other and much more about the family. That is what originally interested me in this show and I want that to always be the main story. I also want to see Don Embry actually give a crap that Bill ruined his life. Tonight his son showed up to throw a rock through Bill’s window and when Don came to pick him up, it was all sadness and defeat with Don. He should have punched Bill in the face, at least.

So, tonight’s episode wasn’t as good as it could have been. Had they issued more episodes, that might have helped and not rushed things to the point of creating loops in their story. Although, one of the best lines ever was from Sissy Spacek as Marilyn to Bill, “Well at least when I’m at fault, I don’t point to God as the reason.” I’m paraphrasing of course, but all I could think was, “OH, BURN!”

I give End of Days 3 “next season, Nikki will be a MILF” out of 5

by Angela Davis

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