COLD & Non-Point at the Blue Note

It was March 9, 2010; I had my first assignment for the web site to cover some kind of rock concert in Columbia, Mo. I was given details about the bands but I still did not know what to expect for it had been a very long time since I had been to this kind of show. The lineup was Edison, Day of Fire, Non-Point and Cold, I grew up listing to Cold, they were one of my favorite bands. I especially liked there album “Year of the spider” and their lyrics were always very original and passionate but most importantly their music painted a stripe on an entirely different genre was which I dare not say was aloud. Non-Point had a few singles I enjoyed years ago and the other two bands I had not heard of before that night.

When my camera man and long time friend (who I can’t name for political reasons and it would lead to political implications) and myself arrived, we were both skeptical of what to think of the “comeback of Cold” but we did enjoy reminiscing while listening to their albums on the long ride there. The joy quickly faded when we saw the small crowd that was waiting in groups in front of the Blue Note (the venue the show was being held) for the show to begin. Then my camera man screamed “It’s dead, I knew it” before the fans could overhear the rant my camera man was about to go into, I put my hand on his shoulder and said, “Calm down most people don’t even show up ‘till the doors have opened, you know that!” We then went to a local bar (I forgot the name of) that came off like a very mellow place that you could relax and be in good company at the same time. We sat down at the bar and ordered a glass of whiskey for myself and some fruit drink for him, It looked awful and I would of said something but by the look in his eyes I knew he was thinking about his kid, who was due for oral surgery next week. His mind was most likely a million miles away from the show and the “comeback of Cold” with only his kid with that rotten tooth he had, were the only thing on his mind then he looked at me and said, “You know, St. Louis is not too far from here and I hear the night life there is not too bad and it’s got to be better than going to that show to see whatever disgrace and realization is there! Or hell let’s go hang out with some dumb local college kids, I’m sure they know where a real story is.” I glared at him and said, “we are professionals and we have a story to cover, come on finish your drink we have to go you fool!”  He laughed and rolled his eyes, as we stood up to go, I knew deep down he was probably right.

When we got inside the Blue Note we found a decent table with a good view of the stage, we talked for a bit then my camera man left to set up. I was glad he was gone I would now be able to focus at the task at hand. Edison opened the show and I was pleasantly surprised by their performance, they would have proved to be the best band of the night if it came down to stage presence. The subject matter of the song hit me in a special spot, it covered the war and our over-medicated nation, they remind me of a little bit of Incubus and a little bit of Rage Against the Machine. Bottom line, they are definitely worth checking out.

The second band of the night was Day of Fire. They were definitely the “clown car” of the night and with such a serious performance that Edison put on, it was a good idea to have the following band be a comedy act. The lead singer of the band took himself very seriously and you could tell spent many hours in front of minor practicing his moves making sure he looked very “cool,” but to be honest, he didn’t come off that way, he just came off goofy but I enjoyed the Full Devil Jacket song. I must stress that you will most likely like Day of Fire if you’re into “redneck” rock but something tells me I doubt you would be into “redneck” rock if you’re on this website.

The crowd energy grew because next on the stage would be Non-Point and the crowd loved them and I could admit they are one of the better modern metal bands. It was good to hear “what a day” and “in the air tonight” but that’s where the good times ended. After those songs, Non-Point played a song in which the lead singer asked everyone to jump and if someone next to you was not jumping you should grab them and toss them in the air, then proceeded to tell the crowd repeatedly “Don’t be gay” and jump. Yep, Non-Point had officially entered the “clown car.” The lead singer came off very angry and I didn’t understand why because after all it was his birthday that night, was his cake not enjoyable? All in all, Non-Point does get a great amount of respect from their fans and like I said, they are one of the better modern metal bands.

My mood had grown dim from the last two bands but next was Cold so the future of the night was looking bright, right? Well not exactly, Cold came on with a spider web behind them and for a moment it felt like old times. Then I started thinking something felt different and I could not put my finger on it, I mean the music sounded good so what was wrong? I then started paying close attention to Scooter (the lead singer of Cold) and you could tell he and the rest of the band were not feeling it and appeared to be just going through the routine, and now just like my camera man had said earlier, it was a moment of realization and it was tough to swallow. I really hope Cold does well in the future but I’m afraid I won’t be following the leg of their career. However, it should be noted that one of their songs will be on the Spider-Man movie soundtrack next year, so that’s good news, right?

As my camera man and I walked to the car, we didn’t have much to say. Everything went unspoken but the message was clear, it was time to let go of the past. We finally began talking about the tragedy we witnessed on the ride home and after awhile the car went silent and my mind wandered from the show and I began to wonder how long it would take to get home and what was going on with that health care bill. But then I thought, when we get home we are going to watch LOST and that will put the night back in order.

I give the whole show 3 out of 5

by Josh Davis

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