The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Sneak Peek!

I posted on Thursday the first trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.  Now comes a sneak peek of behind-the-scenes footage.  This is apparently what is on the Walmart DVD of New Moon.  It is supposed to be eight minutes long, so I don’t know if this is true.  This peek at the film is a lot more exciting than that teaser trailer. We now can see some fight training and it looks bad ass.  Thank god, Jasper’s wig is much better in this one.  Too bad Victoria’s wig still looks awful.  We get to see the wolf pack in human form with the addition of three members, Leah and Seth Clearwater and Jared.  The Victoria’s newborn vampire army is revealed with prominent members Riley and Bree.  The rest of the Cullens and some of Bella’s human friends make an appearance also.  There is some awesome green screen work, which makes me more excited for the fight training and fight scenes.  Instead of in New Moon, we have the campfire scene in Eclipse.  Apparently, this will be the most guy-friendly movie of the series with all the action in it.  You will have to ask John when I drag him to it. 🙂

The second video is from the website that shows what stills were flashed in the beginning of sneak peak video.  Ignore the music and the intro at the beginning.

by Sarah Ksiazek

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