FlashForward: Blowback

If you went in to tonight’s episode expecting a repeat of Revelation Zero’s action, then you were probably disappointed, although we did learn what a bad-ass Mr. Aaron Stark is. But even though the action was less doesn’t mean Blowback wasn’t a good episode, because it was. It finally seems as if FlashForward (and excuse me for this) is moving forward. The episodes before the break felt like numerous repeats, but now it feels as though the show has a destination. Now whether or not it had a destination from the very beginning I don’t know. All I know is that it didn’t feel like it. I know that one of the biggest complaints with LOST and yes even with Battle Star Galatica was the place marker episodes; oh you know the ones that I am referring to. The episode that is meant simply to move the characters to their necessary positions for future episodes down the line. And even though the place marker’s are not the most popular episodes they are very important to the overall picture. Blowback felt like a place marker episode. The characters are being moved to where they need to be.

Raise your hand if the idea of Aaron being a bad-ass isn’t just a tad on the “huh” side? I know it struck me kind of strange too. And it’s not like it was an unbelievable character change, but more like he looks like a cuddly teddy bear. And other than discovering his daughter was alive his main function has been to act as Mark’s sounding board for whatever Mark was complaining about at the moment. Frankly, I was starting to wonder if he was one of those characters that they had great plans for when they were coming up with the concept of the show and then just couldn’t hang in once it got going. Turns out that’s not the case. In fact, not only is he hanging in there we are discovering that there is a hell of a lot more to him than originally suspected. For instance Mr. Aaron pulled a ConAir on some poor unsuspecting guy in a bar, which landed him in prison. (There are some creepy ass guards in prison) While his daughter, Tracy, struggles unsuccessfully to come to terms with what happened to her in Iraq by following in her dad’s footsteps by looking for answers in the bottom of the bottle. But as Aaron so elegantly put it when you are hiding out from people getting drunk at a bar isn’t the best hiding place. (did these people never play hide & seek…sheesh) Unfortunately for Aaron, a moment of father’s joy turns to unspeakable anger when he discovers that his slip up to the seemingly innocent Mike caused his daughter to be taken by the very people she was hiding from. Not that you could blame him for his slip up. After being forced to live through every parent’s worst nightmare he discovers that his only child is really alive. If I were him I would want to shout it from the roof tops as well. You know for a split second I almost felt bad for that lying creep Mike, but it was only when I heard his arm snap. Ugh…just the thought of it sends shivers down my spine. (By the way, as soon as Mike started hinting that he knew Tracy was alive I knew he was Jericho, no really I did.) I don’t know how James Irskin (not sure on spelling and I don’t feel like IMDBing right now) is connected to the FF’s or how Jericho fits in but I am sure it does somehow.

The second scary bad-ass of the night would have to be Zoey Anadata. When she is in full Bridezilla mode I can’t stand her and count the moments until Dem kicks her to the curb. But let her go all bad-ass on trying to do whatever it takes to protect her man and dang she is one kick-ass chick. Ok sure she stepped on a lot of toes and majorly pissed off Wedeck and even managed to irk Dem. But hey I can’t blame her for using everything in her power to try and protect her man. And I have to admit the idea of her defending Alda Hertzog is very appealing. If only because I will finally be able to find out what the hell she knows about the FF. So far her only purpose for being there is all too cryptic and look like a Russian prison guard. On the other hand, thanks to Zoey going all Lawzilla on everyone and finally admitting to Dem that her FF was a memorial we were able to learn that not only does Timbaland make for a fine evidence locker cop but someone stole Mark’s gun. Dun dun dun….

Speaking of Mark, damn that guy is an ass! If it’s not about him or his issues he just doesn’t seem to care. But I have to admit I still like him more in jackass mode than when he is in “Oh poor me my wife may have an affair in the future” mode. Because let’s face it, that mode is painful to watch. Blah, blah, blah. Whine, whine, whine. Whatever, shut up already. Truthfully I am hoping she cheats on him just so this SL can be done with.

If you ever thought that drug dealers and gun runners were a shady group then you have not met scientist. They are some sneaky, lying, thieving S.O.B’s. The nerve of D. Gibbons or more precisely Dyson Frost, stealing Simcoe’s work and claiming it as his own. Unfortunately I kind of forgot why D. Gibbons was so important to begin with so I have a feeling I am going to need to go back and rewatch the first 10 episodes. How was I supposed to know that I should have been paying closer attention? I didn’t even think I would still be watching the show let alone trying to keep up with it. Dang you Revelation Zero.

The only disappointing element to tonight’s episode was Simon was only there for a brief minute, and in my humble opinion, he is the best part of the show right now. I guess a little is better than nothing at all and we did get one of his oh so snarky zingers, “Oh I saw Black Hawk Down, I get it.” Such a snarky little scientist he is.

For me the only blah part of the episode was Janis Hawk and the quest for baby. It just seems a little forced. Almost as if they picked that FF and now they are stuck with it. Sure the scene between her and Dem were sweet and all but that scene could have been about two friends chatting after a long hard day and it still would have come off sweet.

One thing is for sure FlashForward may have come a long way since the first 10 episodes, but it still has some kinks to work out. It does have one thing going for it though and that is I still want to watch it.

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