FlashForward: Revelation Zero

If the first episode since the long break is any indication, in my humble opinion, I believe that FlashForward is headed towards a devout following. But like I said it is just my humble opinion and I very well could be wrong, but I really, truly hope that I am not. I admit that when the show first started airing it ambled along without what seemed like direction. It was as if they were making it up as they went along. My biggest complaint of the first 10 episodes was that for some reason they felt the needed to explain everything over and over again; to the point where I no longer cared. I had gotten the point and was ready to move on. Luckily it seems as though they have learned their lesson and it feels as if the show is finally moving somewhere. Granted the first hour was a bit full and at times, seemed as if there were too many players on the board at one time. Once we hit the second hour the show, it seemed to streamline itself and focus on the task at hand. Often it seems it’s whenever there is a huge cast instead of dealing with hurt feelings they try to give everyone screen time every episode. I would have to say that I think that is a mistake. I do believe that having a big cast is a blessing because if handled correctly, the viewer won’t have the chance to get bored with a particular character or storyline. Hopefully the writers and the producers are aware of how much more the second hour flowed than the first hour.

Now that isn’t to say that the first hour wasn’t important; it was. It effectively put most of the players in their places for future moves. The first hour starts off with a seemingly random window washer, Gil Bellows, (I could never ever do that job) who had the unfortunate/fortunate luck to experience his blackout aside the top of a very tall building. Be it fate, chance, or just dumb luck the guy doesn’t end up falling to his death (I say it is a little bit of all three). For reasons that I am unable to explain the window washer supplies the voice over for the episode. If it was meant to tie everything together it didn’t work and did little more than to sound preachy. As it turns out the washer has decided that his f.f. was a gift and created what he calls a “Sanctuary” from all the bad (I would like to see how he managed that) and this is where Nicole eventually finds herself after being sure that she saw her possible killer in the hospital (by the way, it took me almost an hour to figure out where I had seen that guy before, usually I am faster than that). Speaking of Nicole, I have no idea if her mother has anything to do with the show itself, but I think I have a girl crush on her. A penny wall? A freaking penny wall?!?! I want one. No I really want one. Crazy mom, Lindsay Crouse, (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) also supplies one of the best lines of the evening: “I have a hallucination every day and no one give’s a damn.” From the mouth of the crazies comes truth. (Oh yeah I got all deep there for a minute). I start off with Nicole’s little piece of the puzzle because I am less invested in it than I am any other. Truth be told if an accident were to befall her I wouldn’t miss her in the least. This is no reflection on Peyton List’s ability to portray the character. I just don’t see the point in her being there. Nor am I sure why Bryce is around other than to provide Nicole with a love interest and possible triangle in future episodes considering in his flash he was in love with another woman. However unlike Nicole, I don’t mind so much that Bryce is there and I lay that all at the feet of “The Gift.”

A new antagonist has been brought in and this time it’s in the form of an FBI agent by the name of Agent Vogle (you remember him, he was the one that wouldn’t help Mark and Demitri when they went to Hong Kong). Other than act like a controlling ass, he spent most of his time planting seeds of doubt into Demitri’s mind and warning him that he needed a better partner than Mark. If you ask me there is something shady going on there and I don’t trust the guy. From what has been revealed about there being a mole in the FBI, I would be hard pressed to not be surprised if it turns out to be Agent Vogle. We didn’t get to see much of Demitri in ethis episode and that is fine by me. There was too much going on to be able to pay him much mind. And thankfully, the writers felt that Aaron need do little more than be a sounding bored for Mark and his revalation of the missing pieces to his F.F. Where apparently he got a call from Simcoe which was triggered by a text from Simon.

Speaking of Simon….Ooooh Boy did I not see that one coming; None of it. And it didn’t seem like Simon saw any of it coming either. The first hint that something wasn’t kosher was when Simcoe mentioned that in his FF he got a text from Simon. But how could that be considering that at the same time Simon was killing a guy with a thick neck who smelled like meat (for you Veronica Mars fans you should have recognized Rodney Rowland). So how is it possible that Simon sent Simcoe a text? Could it possibly be because Simon didn’t have a F.F. seeing as how he was awake for the 2 minutes and 17 seconds the rest of the world was asleep for? Yeah I think so too. Now before you go jumping to conclusions, Simon isn’t the bad guy, he isn’t a good guy (he did kill two men one of whom was his uncle or distant cousin), but in the case of the blackouts his only crime was he happened to have a very high IQ (and seems to have been groomed from a very young age without his knowledge by some very bad men) and liked to conduct experiments with his partner Simcoe. Whatever the case may be, it will be interesting to see where this character goes and I wouldn’t mind him being partnered up with Janis. They bounce well off each other and she doesn’t seem as separate from the rest of the group as she has been in previous episodes. Just as I am interested in seeing what is going to happen with Mark and Simcoe (I could still care less about the cheating and leaving and all that such nonsense).

Congratulations to FlashForward. At the end of the first half of the season I was ready to write you off. Now I am planning on tuning in for the duration. You may want to consider doing the same thing.


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