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Alright, so Sarah is out of town for the weekend and it just so happens that all of the cool trailers come flowing my way and I can’t help but share them, this is Angela by the way. Enjoy!

Scott Pilgrim vs the World trailer has just come out and I have to admit, when I was just watching small snippets of the movie being made months ago, I thought it would be another Nick and Nora’s Playlist kind of movie. I didn’t look much into it and I certainly didn’t know that it was based on a comic book by Bryan Lee O’Malley and directed by Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz). From first look, Michael Cera starring in another teen rom-com was not exactly my cup of tea, but after viewing this trailer, I was ready to plop my butt in the theater for it. Scott Pilgrim looks fun, edgy and unique, Scott (Cera) falls hard for a punk rock chic, and she informs him that for them to be together, he must defeat her 7 evil ex-boyfriends (comic-book style) release date is August 13th, 2010 at this point, let me know what you think.

Eat Pray Love is the next trailer and this one, a bit more serious. Eat stars Julia Roberts as the woman striving to find herself, something all women, and probably a few men, can relate to. She has spent her whole life jumping between one relationship to another and has finally realized that she doesn’t even know herself anymore. She dedicates some time to herself to travel to some wonderful places like Italy, and Bali and find self-discovery and the the passion within herself. This is based on a true story. This should be hitting theatres on August 13, 2010.

Now, onto a foreign film. The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec is what I would describe as The Brothers Bloom meets The Mummy. Ms. Blanc-Sec seeks the truth of the pharaohs to cure her sister and incidentally releases a Pterodactyl loose on the town. Pretty soon, mummies are running loose and trying to interact in society. Louise Bourgoin stars as the heroine at the helm and this film directed by Luc Besson is quickly proving how much Hollywood needs to step their game up. Not sure if this will get a US release date.

Now this next one is going to have everyone in tears before the trailer is even finished. It is called The Greatest, and it stars Carey Mulligan (An Education), Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass), Susan Sarandon and Pierce Brosnan. Mulligan and Johnson’s characters fall madly in love just in time for a tragic accident to take Johnson. She tries to insert herself into his family now that she has found out that she is pregnant and the family has a hard time dealing with the grief and stages of loss now that their son is gone, and this new girl is in their life. Looks great! This one has a limited release date of April 2nd.

My last trailer for today is a sci-fi movie starring Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley as two rebellious scientist who defy the laws of nature and create a new species in Splice. This is a movie that I have been reading about for some time and only recently has there been anything worth watching. It has a release date set for June 4, 2010, but somehow I anticipate that being moved back again. I think as long as they can make the graphics worthwhile, then it will be a fun experiment worth watching.

Let me know what everyone thinks of these, I think there is something for everyone in here, or if you are like me, these are ALL for you, enjoy!

by Angela Davis

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