LOST: Dr. Linus

Tonight’s episode was probably my favorite this season so far. So much was answered, just from my list last week of things left to be answered! Tonight’s episode centered around Ben Linus, but had a lot of side plots that answered so much.

Right from the start, there are comparisons of Ben Linus to Napoleon, (this show is so genius) Ben has been left alive but with no power and basically helpless in both worlds we are watching. The alternate world, Dr. Linus is being belittled by his boss, the Principal and works out a plan to overthrow him with the Science teacher, Mr. Arzt. This plan, of course, was placed in Ben’s mind from substitute Locke at lunch time. Ben on the island is fighting to stay alive when the group finds out the truth, that he did kill Jacob. Ilana forces Ben to dig his own grave and prepare for death. She knew that Miles could speak to the dead and asked him to read Jacob’s ashes. Miles also spoke to the other graves on the beach and just like the writers have said, every character in the show will have an appearance, today was Nicki and Paolo. Miles mentions them lying there with 8 million dollars worth of diamonds between them, that cracked me up. Later, we see Miles examining a diamond, so he must have dug them up, I doubt they will be of any use to him.

Just like most had assumed, Ilana is important to the show because she was related to Jacob somehow. After she learns that Ben is Jacob’s murderer, she confesses that Jacob was the closest thing she ever had to a father. Some how, I like her more now. Ilana speaks to Sun about finding Jin and she wants to know which, if not both, of them to protect because they may both be candidates. I just can’t wait until the reuniting of Jin and Sun, it is going to be so sweet, and I’m sure I’ll be tearing up, just like I was with the reuniting tonight of Jack and Hurley with the rest of the group on the beach.

Richard Alpert popped up out of nowhere in front of Jack and Hurley and led them to The Black Rock! He told them he was leading them back to the temple, and later explained that everyone was dead there. He had lead them to The Black Rock and said that he had been here before and for as long as he has been on the island, this was his first time back. So, I think this proves my theory that he WAS a slave on The Black Rock until Jacob made him immortal. He also said that he was touched by Jacob and there for given a gift. Well, that fits my  other theory from a couple of weeks ago, when I said, what if everyone Jacob touched and gave something to has somehow become immortal? If you remember when we first saw Ben as a teacher this season, he was complaining about coffee filters being changed and there was a clue on the wall there that said, “Teachers Touch Lives Forever” I took this as Teacher=Jacob and whoever he touches lives forever! Alpert wanted to now kill himself because with Jacob dead, he thinks his purpose was pointless, only he can’t kill himself. He wanted Jack to light some dynamite and try to kill him, only Jack is pretty freaking crazy now, and sat down with Alpert once he lit the fuse and said, “Let’s talk.” Just like Jack was thinking, the fuse went out, which to me, proves my theory that since Jacob touched some of the losties, they are immortal too. He touched Jack and gave him a candy bar, Sawyer was given a pen, Kate was, in a round about way, given the lunchbox by Jacob when he bought it for her. With Jin and Sun, he touches them on their wedding and wishes them both the best and gives them the advice not to take each other for granted, he gives Hurley the guitar. He never gave Locke anything, but did touch him when he fell out of the window and said it would be alright. So, you could take that as he didn’t receive the gift, or he did have it, until Ben took his life back in LA. Maybe the power of Jacob’s immortality only works on the island.

We also saw Ben in the alternate world having dinner with his Dad. His Dad is sick and old, but they are getting along. Then his Dad says he wanted more for Ben and that’s why he signed up for that Dharma Initiative, and if they had stayed, maybe things could have been better. So, we know that the Dharma Initiative existed in this alternate world, and something must have happened to make them leave, but not much more than that. Ben also has Alex in class as his best student and she is trying her best to get into Yale with her Mom working two jobs. So we know Rousseau is alive here too.

Back on the beach Ben is looking around in tents and looks through Sawyer’s old tent and finds a lot of books, as we know he liked to read. There were three books shown, one a magazine about booties, one that was written by Benjamin Disraeli and another book titled, The Chosen. To me, this is a clue that Sawyer is or was supposed to be the chosen candidate. This might be an important clue. It could also be referring to Ben being the chosen candidate for Locke and his replacement. I couldn’t find out much about the book. Also, an interesting fact about Frank and that he was supposed to be flying 815 the day it crashed, but overslept. Ben points out that the island still got him here, so his life isn’t much different than it could have been. Which is probably a foreshadow to connecting the two stories and show that they will still end up on the island.

Back in the alternate world, Ben proceeds with the blackmail of the Principal for his job only to be duped by the Principal with the option of an email by Alex requesting a recommendation and that it could go either way. This is Ben’s second chance to save his daughter, in a matter of speaking. This time, he does the right thing and chooses Alex’s future over his own desires. I really feel like Ben is a good guy now, and maybe has been all along. On the island, he almost breaks down in tears explaining to Ilana that he chose the island over his own daughter and that was why he stabbed Jacob. He only asked to leave and join Locke’s group because he’s the only one who will have him, but to everyone’s surprise, Ilana says he is still welcome in this group, he accepts. When he returns back to the beach is when I start getting all teary-eyed. He starts to make friends with Sun and Jack and Hurley return to the beach with Alpert and there are big hugs all around. Everyone is at peace, and then there is a scope from a submarine watching them in the water and we find out it’s Widmore! He has found the island and instructs his worker to proceed with the plan.

So, even though it was kind of cheesy when the scope popped up, at least we will see what happens when Widmore finally gets back to the island and what his plan is. Now, we just have a few questions left:

How did the Black Rock end up in the middle of the island?

What does Widmore want? Since the DI are gone and Ben has no power, what is his motive for finding the island?

Who will be the chosen candidate?

Will we see a return of Desmond or Charlie?

I give Dr. Linus 5 “cheese curds” out of 5.

by Angela Davis


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