Lost in News: Sequelitis Tuesday 3.2.10

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In Tuesday’s news we cover The Hobbit possibly going 3D, Angelina Jolie looking for a new project, used car sales advice of when to sell your Honda when the next Fast and Furious film is scheduled to open, news on a Zoolander sequel, Five Directors who need a career reboot, The next young adult book series craze getting a movie deal after one book, and Tron Legacy news.

Word came out by way of “Theonering.net” regarding the filming of The Hobbit in 3D. I thought it was now only news if a major tent pole isn’t shooting in 3D?!?

Last week Angelina Jolie had officially left the sequel to the surprise 2008 hit Wanted and was rumored to be working on a Sci-Fi project with Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men). That has since been debunked as well and the rumor to come about today was that Jolie is looking to work with Darren Aronofsky (The Wrestler, The Fountain) on an adaptation of the novel Serena. (LatinoReview) (CHUD)

The next Fast and Furious film which has the cheesy lame title of Fast Five has a scheduled release date of June 20, 2011. Judge all you want but a certain part of me loves every film in this franchise on some level. High art it is not, but stupid obnoxious fun it can be. (The Wrap)

In more, is a sequel to this film really needed(?) news Ben Stiller has recently begun talking up and thus confirming a sequel to 2001 Zoolander. Currently it is being written by Justin Theroux who previously wrote Tropic Thunder and this spring’s anticipated Iron Man 2. While it’s still not a for sure thing all the pieces needed for it to happen seem to be falling into place. (ComingSoon.net)

Paijba takes a look at five directors that need a career reboot. A list that I feel is right on the money. (Paijba)

The latest fantasy young adult book(s) that the kids are going crazy about has already had the film rights picked up by Fox. Incarceron was optioned by the studio today. (Variety)

Tron Legacy has a pretty decent Alternate Realty Game (ARG) taking place for the film. It’s being ran by 42 entertainment, the same company that previously handled similar, and pretty fun, efforts for The Dark Knight, and the Nine Inch Nails 2007 release ‘Year Zero’. This past weekend several events from the last week culminated with the premiere of the first trailer for the film in IMAX 3D which is to be attached to Alice in Wonderland opening this weekend. To keep the hype going all week long the Facebook fan page for the film will have a new still image released daily. It was also revealed that 5 sequences in the film will be in full IMAX similar to 2008’s The Dark Knight. To get caught up on the ARG head here. To become a fan of the flick on Facebook head here.

Closing out today’s Lost in News is a link to our own Oscar edition of Lost in Previews. In case you live under a rock, or simply weren’t aware the Academy Awards are this Sunday on ABC.

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