LOST: Recon

First, let me just start this post off by saying that I do not normally write up recaps on LOST and it isn’t because I don’t like the show. In fact that is quite the opposite, I love the show. As a matter of fact as I am writing this introduction to LOST while Season 2 is playing on my laptop. Can I just interject here with how cute Hurley and Libby were? Ok, well anyway, like I was saying I do not normally write the recaps but seeing as how Angela from Lost In Reviews is currently in Austin, TX at the SXSW Festival and is unable to write the weekly recap I have stepped in as a substitute writer. And if you have read her previous recaps I guess you can imagine how nervous I am, but as they say in the writing world, “The recap must go on.” Ok, so they don’t really say that, but you get the idea.

Now I am pretty sure there aren’t any Sawyer fans out there, but for those few that are left you are in luck because tonight was a Sawyer episode. Oh yeah that’s right our favorite bad boy turned good is back and ooh boy was it a great way to make himself known again. I don’t know where to start first. Do I start with the WTF?!?! Flash Sideways or do I start on the Island. For the purpose of maintaining my sanity for the next couple of paragraphs when referring to one James “Sawyer” Ford I will be calling him James when referring to the Flash Sideways and Sawyer when referring to the Island. (As I write this I am being attacked by a Jurassic Park-sized mosquito)

As we start the episode off, you can’t help but have an overwhelming sense of deja vu. Other than the fact that the actress and the room are different, we could have quite literally been watching ‘Confidence Man’ from Season 1. Except for one small detail, in ‘Confidence Man’ James wasn’t a cop and he sure wasn’t working with Miles as his partner. Oh yeah you read that right our favorite Southern bad boy wasn’t called Sawyer, but Detective James Ford of the Los Angeles Police Department. How’s that for WTF?!?! I know it blew my mind too. I admit when I first found out they were going to be doing Flash Sideways this season I was worried that it wouldn’t work and eventually it would become too confusing to follow. But I have to admit that in the case of ‘Recon’ I was more invested in the Flash than I was the Island. Maybe it was because of all the references to seasons gone by and it was nice to revisit them without having to actually revisit them. For instance the code word for in case James was in trouble was La Fleur, which if you follow LOST, you know it’s the name James went by when he joined the Dharma Initiative in Season 5. Or when Charlotte (she will always be Faraday’s girl to me) noticed that he was reading Watership Down, Boone’s book from Season 1. But the one thing that hadn’t changed was his past, a con man going by the name of Sawyer had conned his mother out of all his family’s money and in return his father still killed her and himself. Except this time he dedicated his life to being a cop in order to track the guy down. Of course he still plans on killing him, but hey why split hairs?

Over in alt world or real world or the world we know as the Island Sawyer is still the same tortured bad ass he has always been. Except now he just seems tired and even more determined than ever to get off the island. To get away from the place that at one time held so much happiness and now only holds heartache and sorrow. From the very moment we see Sawyer, it is apparent that he is not on either side. He just wants to get he and his friends away from the place. It seems ironic that five short seasons ago, Sawyer was all for himself and no one else and now he lives for one purpose and one purpose only and that is himself (ok that hasn’t changed) and the people he considers to be his family. Unfortunately for Sawyer, I have a feeling that just pitting UnLocke (who has some serious mommy issues) and Widmore against each other isn’t going to do the trick. Elsewhere it appears that both Claire and Sayid have dipped their toes in the Looney Pool. Not only did Claire attack Kate for “stealing” her baby but she made up an animal skull as her baby (and her rat’s nest of a hairstyle does nothing to help out in the “I’m sane department.”) Ok, I don’t know what that pool did to Sayid, but whatever it did I suggest they dunk him back in and see if perhaps he doesn’t come back sane, because damn he is outside his mind. Kate is getting attacked and he just sits there staring lifelessly out into nothingness. Sayid has never been one of those characters that walked the gray line very well. Often times you had to wonder if he was a good man when it suited him and a bad man at others, but now he’s not anything he’s just vacant. Which if you ask me is scarier than UnLocke ever could dream of being.

For the most part, tonight’s episode didn’t answer any burning questions (like whatever happened to Vincent), but it did successfully set up the steps that will lead to final showdown. I know a lot of LOST fans want answers and they won’t be satisfied with anything else. Well I have to admit I am not one of those fans. I know it seems ridiculous to not want answers to the mysteries, but for me this show has never been about the mystery. It’s been about the fact that a group of strangers from all over the world were connected in ways they never knew and still found their way to each other. LOST has always been about destiny and how even the smallest of choices can alter that destiny. There’s only 9 episodes left until the Series Finale and I for one will be there until the end.

**If you blinked, you may have missed a cameo of Liam Pace, played by Neil Hopkins, at the LAPD trying to bail out his brother after he had been arrested for drug possession at the airport**

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