LOST: Sundown

Tonight’s episode centered around Sayid and the fine line he treads between evil and good. The alternate reality for him barely showed anything. We see that his brother has married his love, Nadia and had two children with her, while he has been working a very normal, boring job. His brother gets into some financial trouble and basically asks Sayid to “wack ’em” and he refuses, saying he is not that person. Ok, so in the alternate world that possibly Jacob did not interfere, Sayid moves on after the war and leaves that life behind and punishes himself for his actions and pushes Nadia toward his brother so he can not have her. That is basically it, except a quick brush with Jack in the hospital when his brother gets beaten up by the bad guys and Sayid gets picked up by them and finds out that the man is Martin Keamy, the worst guy on Earth; the one from the freighter, who set off the bomb on the boat. Sayid also discovers Jin in a closet, tied up. This could mean that Jin’s job found out about his plan to run and hired these guys to fix the problem.

On the island, much more happened and I think it was much more interesting. At the same time, we are approaching the time now where no more questions are being posed, so at some point, it is not as interesting, if that makes any sense. Sayid’s evil side started to show. Claire stormed the fort, I mean temple. Locke/MiB swept through and killed a lot of people, Kate came back and Sayid killed Dogen and his translator. I think this wasn’t as interesting as it was hyped up to be, because most of us saw all of this coming already. The only thing that was not on par was Claire deciding not to kill Kate when she admitted to raising Aaron and instead just looking crazy and Kate coming along with the evil group lead by Locke/MiB, but to her just looks like dead Locke walking around, hence the shocked look on Kate’s face at the end.

Part of this may have been boring because of the lack of characters that were in this episode. No Jack, Hurley, Sawyer, Richard Alpert, Ben (except for the end). It was just an explanatory episode and I guess I should learn to expect a few more of these. It’s just hard going for five years always guessing and speculating and to finally be told what it is that is happening is enlightening and depressing all at the same time, a double edged sword, if you will.

So the answers that we are still waiting to have answered, and feel free to add on to this if I missed some:

*What is the deal with the Black Rock?

*Why is Richard Alpert immortal?

*Did the bomb fix the problem or cause the incident?

*What is the alternate universe, really?

*Why was the island sunk in the LA X episode?

*Where is Charlie?

*Where is Desmond?

*Where is Daniel Faraday?

*And how will it end!?

I give Sundown 3 “boomerangs” out of 5

by Angela Davis


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