LOST: The Package

Spoiler Alert up front. Tonight’s episode was called The Package which isn’t revealed until the end of the episode, and I kind of figured it was Desmond. When they said package, I knew it was a person and if this person was to help Widmore and crew somehow, I couldn’t really see how Daniel Faraday, Charlie Pace or Michael/Walt could help. Well, maybe Walt. Doesn’t he have magical powers or something? I wonder if that will be answered with only six episodes left. They have done an excellent job so far of tying up loose ends. However, I really don’t know how Desmond can help either. I just know that out of the group of possible people, he kicks the most ass.

So, the episode starts with Locke telling Jin he is going to find Sun, Sun freaks out and runs from Locke (good girl), and unfortunately runs right into a tree and knocks herself out. This would explain the preview last week making me think that Sun was dead. She did, however, gain aphasia from the incident and now can’t speak English, only Korean. She can still understand English. It’s strange to think that English was her second language and that she had to constantly think about her words to speak in English. Jack thinks that it might be temporary. Sayid opens up to Locke and tells him he feels nothing, probably because he is dead inside now, can you say zombie? Locke takes it as a good thing, and sees this as an opportunity to put him to work. He won’t have to worry about Sayid questioning his motives. Widmore’s people take Jin from Locke’s camp and put him in room 23 at the Dharma station! Remember when the Others took Alex’s boyfriend, Karl and tortured him in room 23 with subliminal messaging? Somehow, I knew they would bring that room back for something because it was just so weird and fans always find a way to bring it into conversations.

It is when Jin is held in room 23 that Zoe, Widmore’s helper, asks Jin to help the Widmore team find where these pockets of electromagnetism are located, since he was part of the Dharma Initiative that discovered them. Jin demands to speak to Widmore and, I think, we finally find out if Widmore has good or bad intentions; and they are good. He hands a digital camera to Jin and says it belonged to Sun and he begins to flip through pictures of his daughter. I screamed out loud at this point, “He doesn’t even know he has a daughter!” I was so happy and it completely renewed my love for their relationship. Widmore goes on to talk about the two sides and this war about to break out. He has to make sure that Locke does not get all the people and himself off of the island or anything that they know will cease to exist. This is when he pulls the Desmond card. I have no idea what Desmond can do to help anyone, but Eloise had said that the island wasn’t finished with him yet.

In the alternate world, Sun and Jin are just getting through the airport in LA and the $25,000 was confiscated by the government/airport. He misses his meeting with Paik’s people and we discover that in this world, Sun and Jin are not married. In fact, their relationship is a big secret that her daddy doesn’t know about, supposedly. This does prove that she never learned English in the alt world, as she never needed to learn it to get away from anyone. They do end up spending the night together though, and I really loved the relationship they had here. We have seen Sun and Jin act as many different kinds of couples, but this was the first time Sun was taking charge and being openly sexy with Jin. The next morning as she proposes that they run away together, there is a knock at the door, it’s Keamy. I already knew from a previous episode that Jin was going to end up tied up soon. Keamy and another man come looking for the watch and money that Jin was supposed to deliver. Turns out that the money was supposed to be used as payment to Keamy to kill Jin. I guess Daddy had found out about their escapades after all. Sun asked to go to a bank so she can pay him from her personal account that no one else knows about. When she gets there, Dad found out about that too and had it shut down. When she and her man-handler show up at the hotel where they are holding Jin, there are bodies on the floor and they don’t know what has happened. Well, we know that Sayid was dealing with them a couple of episodes ago and got free of them and killed them and then helped to free Jin, sort of. Before the man-handler can turn around, Jin has put a gun to his head and proceeds to fight with him and bullets fly before Jin puts one in his head. There was a stray bullet that hit Sun though. She has been hit in the abdomen and as he picks her up to run her to the hospital, she says that she’s pregnant.

So, the episode was great at racking my brain and recalling my memories. I loved it. I think it showed that in the alt world, the airport saved Jin’s life once and then Sun saved his life again by having him stay the night. Keamy chose not to kill Jin when he had the chance; it confused me as to his motives. Was he actually showing compassion or was he just not going to kill for free? Either way, he still creeped me out with his over-bearing evilness. So, the war has officially begun on the island and we know the sides. According to the preview for next week, Jin and Sun will reunite, Sawyer may die. It looks like he gets into the sub and someone sets it on fire with him in it. Widmore asks Desmond to make a sacrifice for the island, something to do with time travel? Who knows what will happen? Maybe Walt will show up and turn into white smoke and fight Locke as black smoke. Until next week…

I give The Package 4 “Everlasting love” out of 5.

by Angela Davis

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