The Twilight Saga: New Moon DVD Review

I had the pleasure of receiving a copy of the DVD of The Twilight Saga: New Moon a couple days early to write a review for the content.  I am not going to bore you with another recap of the movie.  Please see my review of New Moon here.  There are several versions of the DVD available for purchase from Borders, Target, and Walmart each with its own special features that you can’t find on any other one.  As a consumer of these movies, I find it a bit frustrating to have to do research as to what each DVD version offers opposed to another one.  It would really be great if they just had one DVD with just the movie and maybe the commentary and a second one with just about anything New Moon you can find on it.  That’s right.  It’s called a standard edition and a deluxe edition.  Two choices, not five or six!  I’m done with my rant now.

The version I have is the two-disc special edition.  The cover is shown in the picture.  I don’t know which retailer this version will be at, but I have a feeling this is a general DVD and not one of the special ones.  It has a slip case that has the same artwork on the front and back that the DVD has on the hard case.  The DVDs themselves don’t have any neat artwork or anything on them, just the title and the disc numbers.

Prior to the Disc 1 menu you have a Remember Me, Letters to Juliet, Bandslam (ugh! that trailer is on the Twilight DVD, too.), Astro Boy, and Twilight in Forks (a documentary) trailers.  All Summit produced and distributed movies.

The filmmaker commentary is the only special feature on Disc 1. The commentary is by director Chris Weitz and editor Peter Lambert.  I listened to/watched some of it and it is pretty entertaining and enlightening.  Chris says the reason that none of the “kids” are participating in the commentary is because he stole Kristen’s burger at a party and she is still holding a grudge.  It would have been nice to have some of the actors on the commentary.

Disc 2 has a behind the scenes feature called The Journey Continues and music videos.  The music videos are for Death Cab for Cutie, Anya Marina, Mutemath, and rehearsal footage of Muse.  The Journey Continues is pretty good and way better than the behind the scenes feature on the Twilight DVD.  It is comprised of six parts, and I will give you a little taste into what each segment has.

—Life After Twilight shows the aftermath and hysteria of what happened after Twilight was released.  The actors each got to say how Twilight changed their lives.  My favorite was Rachelle Lefevre being very grateful for the experience and ready to get back to “vamp camp” aka New Moon.  She said she sometimes thinks what she goes through is crazy, but then she reminds herself that she does not have it as bad as Robert Pattinson.

—Chris Weitz Takes the Helm shows how Chris Weitz took over for New Moon.  It really shows how excited and passionate he was about New Moon.  He wrote a very lengthy letter to the each cast member explaining how excited he was and what to expect from the production.  Apparently this letter is quite confidential so you only get to see some blurred images of it.  You could tell that the actors were very impressed with the effort he put into the letter.

—The Subtle Details goes through the production design and the costumes.  I hadn’t realized until I saw this that Robert Pattinson basically has the same suit on the entire film.

—A Look at Production is probably what the Twihards are looking forward to the most.  It’s the actual footage of the cast and crew filming New Moon and it’s about a half hour long.  The parts they show are as follows:  1) Unloading the motorcycles from Bella’s truck, 2) the arrival scene at the high school, 3) the birthday scene at the Cullens with both actor and stunt double segments, 4) Bella and Jacob’s breakup scene in the rain, 5) Jacob’s transformation to wolf at the Black house, 6) Laurent’s meadow scene with Bella’s visions of Edward and the hilarious plastic cutouts of wolves used for reference, 6) Snow on April 1, 7) Driving scenes with green screen, 8 ) Driving the motorcycles with Kristen shooting her scenes from the back of a rig and Taylor shooting his actually riding the bike (sexist??) 9) Shooting in a pool for the cliff diving scene, 10) Bella and Edward’s breakup scene with mosquitoes and planes, 11) the Volturi fight sequence (and I quite enjoyed stunt cordinator JJ Makaro’s Team Victoria shirt), and 12) Last day of filming in Canada which is at the Swan house with Bella, Jacob, and Alice (Check the Gate!).

—It’s Not Magic shows 1) post-production shoots for Victoria and Bella’s cliff diving sequences using a green screen, 2) building sets to look like the Twilight sets (they moved from Oregon sets to Vancouver, Canada), 3) the sparkle effect, 4) vampire speed effects, and 5) building the wolves.

—Ready for the World shows editing (first cut was three hours), recording the score, and doing the sound mix.  Chris Weitz says some very nice words at the end which I think people will appreciate.  He really took the movie to heart, so I once again have to say . . . Thank you, Chris Weitz.  I hope David Slade can meet the standard Chris Weitz has set.

There are some things that are missing from this DVD.  There are no deleted or extended scenes.  Considering the first cut was three hours, there have to be some.  There are not any cast interviews.  Some interviews were incorporated into The Journey Continues feature, but it would have been nice to have seen some longer ones.  I would have loved to have seen a gag reel, but I guess this is a drama.  I am a sucker for gag reels.  The trailers for New Moon were not included.  As a trailer addict, I always like to see those included on the DVD.

If you are a Twihard—buy one of the DVD versions with a bit more special features on it.  BUY (ANOTHER VERSION OF) IT!

If you are someone who just enjoys these movies, this would be a decent version for you.  BUY OR RENT IT!

Not that into these movies, BURN IT!

by Sarah Ksiazek

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