Movie Review: She’s not quite Out of My League

  • Rated: R for Sexual Content and Language
  • Runtime: 104 minutes

She’s Out of My League (SOML) seems like another movie that you can toss into the ever growing pile of college humor “romantic comedies,” like There’s Something About Mary, American Pie, and The Girl Next Door.  The nice thing about SOML is that while it’s not on the same level, it has just enough elements of 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up to keep it entertaining…most of the time.

SOML revolves around a nearly 30 year old Kirk (Jay Baruchel), who works as airport security, never went to college, and has a terrible time with the ladies.  He runs into Molly (Alice Eve) while on the job.  She’s got it all going for her: she’s intelligent, beautiful, and makes a good living.  We soon find out she’s just as eager for love as Kirk is, since she’s fresh off a break-up and looking for a sweet, safe guy to date.  Here comes your typical plot: Boy meets girl; they go on awkward dates; enter the ‘Having Fun and Growing to Love Each Other Montage’; blunders ensue and drive them into a Big Fight; then we wait to see if they can forgive each other and get back together, because we all know they are perfect for each other, right?  Yeah, it’s pretty typical and predictable.

What I wasn’t expecting was all the supporting staff to be so damned hilarious!  Really, they were in 90% of the really funny moments, and I kept waiting for them to get back on screen.  Kirk’s buddies are wary of the relationship from the get go, claiming that Kirk is only a “5,” while Molly is a “solid 10.”  They claim that you can’t date further than 2 points of yourself, otherwise it upsets the cosmic laws of sexual attraction.  Most of the movie explores the question of whether Kirk can really make that multi-point leap.  These buddies of his are a real riot.  One of his friends, Stainer (T.J. Miller), is in a Hall and Oates tribute band and though he’s fairly disgusting, he has quite a personality.  Nate Torrence plays Devon, who is doe-eyed and sees the world through a Disney-princess-movie filter.  He goes to some pretty extreme and gut-busting lengths to help his “Kirky” in his time of need.

One major problem I had with the film was the music.  At times there were scenes that I thought were supposed to have a humorous tone, but the music was either too serious or sweet.  Other times director Jim Field Smith would get musical tone right, but he would use out-dated pop-rock songs.  It really did a number on taking me out of the film.

SOML relies heavily on the supporting cast and some raunchy gags to supply the laughs, and thankfully they did a great job.  It could have been a much better movie if the main character had some personality, though.  Molly was your typical hot chick, but at least she had a streak of class and humor (not to mention some of the hottest shoes I’ve seen in a movie wardrobe collection!).  Our hero, Kirk, just didn’t have anything going for him.  That’s what made the big difference between this and 40 Year Old Virgin or Knocked up.  Steve Carell’s character was endearing and Seth Rogen’s was hilarious.  Compared to those characters, poor “Kirky” definitely drops a few points from being a five.

I give She’s Out of My League 2.5 ‘Cake/Bush Mixtapes’ out of 5.

by Rachael Edwards


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