SXSW: Predators World Premiere Sneak Peek

Update: The following clip has popped up at the films official site. This footage was not showed at SXSW, but it has small clips of what was shown. For a full rundown of what was shown read on after the clip.

Robert Rodriguez surprised Austin today with what looks to be a very promising addition to the Predator series. He started us off with an exciting, and very loud new trailer starring Adrien Brody, Laurence Fishburne , Topher Grace and others have been placed on a strange safari world where they are being hunted by Predators and must use every skill they possess to stay alive.

According to Producer Robert Rodriguez, who was presenting this for the first time in Austin, Predators will stay true to the original film, and if you were to watch the first Predator before seeing this new one, it would flow as a continuation of the first one.

There will be a few new additions to the Predators group. He talked about some of the different tribes of  Predators differing by the way they hunt. Rodriguez wanted to bring back the thrill of the hunt that the first film fed upon and bring the horror back to the films.

Some of the stand out secrets from the preview were the introduction of Pred-Hounds and Falconers. Pred-Hounds are dog like predators used to flush out prey and from the trailer it looks like some are large enough to ride. The Falconers are robotic drones that fly out in search of prey. It resembles a falcon with sharp mechanical wings that could be used to wound the prey to allow the predator to easily track his prey.

Another big announcement was the dispulsion of the rumor of a super predator, a large alien queen-like Predator. What lead to this rumor was only script notes that have now been changed. The super Predator is a more skillful tribe of predators, one in particular that seems to be the main protagonist is “Mr. Black” the leader of the more skillful tribe.

The sneak peek only left me wanting more and I can’t wait until “Fear is Reborn” on July 9th!

By Ryan Davis

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