Red Carpet Interviews with The Runaways

Lost In Reviews was given the opportunity to quickly interview the talent walking the red carpet for The Runaways. It quickly became chaos, but the most fun kind of chaos you can have. As the interviews began, Travie McCoy joined the red carpet, from Gym Class Heroes and his new project, Travie McCoy and the Lazarus. He spoke with us about why he is excited about The Runaways, his new album and who else to check out at SXSW.

Next we spoke to Kim Fowley, the manager of the first all-girl rock band, The Runaways. He spoke to us about Michael Shannon playing him in this movie and how he was portrayed. After meeting the man and seeing the movie, they hit the nail on the head! We were then joined by one of the original Runaways herself, and author of the book, Neon Angels, which the movie was based on, Cherie Currie. She was just as vibrant and exciting as expected. She spoke to us about her thoughts on having Dakota Fanning portray her in the film. At the last minute we were told that Joan Jett was not going to be joining the red carpet-bummer. We also missed out on our chance to speak with Director Floria Sigismondi on the red carpet, due to the shear madness and people being shifted around. No worries though, I got to speak with her the next day at a round table interview in a quiet setting. Next, we spoke to Dakota Fanning. By this time, time was running short and we were told to pick up the pace. I spoke to Dakota about why she was so attracted to the role of Cherie to begin with. I then asked her about the wardrobe and if she kept it all. Last, but not least, I spoke with Kristen Stewart. I asked her how she prepared for her role as Joan Jett and if she kept the wardrobe also. I then asked if she planned to wear it again out and about. Then, just as her people were trying to pull her away from me, I had to do it; I had her give a shout out to our writer of Lost In Previews, Sarah, for she is the biggest Kristen Stewart fan that I know. Enjoy!

by Angela Davis

photos by Ryan Davis

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