SXSW: She Wants Revenge

She Wants Revenge is one of those bands that I have followed for years, but never have had the chance to see live. So in planning our trip to SXSW I looked to remedy that and what better way than with 3o other people in an atmosphere so intimate it felt like we were just watching them practice.

They started of the show with Red Flags and Long Nights, one of my favorites from their 2005 self-titled album. Justin Warfield was definitely on this afternoon and though the daylight was creeping in the somber mood of She Wants Revenge still filled the room. As the song continued, Adam joined in with the majority of the fans there swaying back and forth and bobbing his head . You could tell they were taking in the good vibes of the crowd and enjoying every moment.

The next song, These Things had me thinking this set would play out like a mix on my iPod as Adam banged out the synth section on the keyboards, I could see the crowd melt as the guitar kicked in. For a moment, if you closed your eyes you would think that Ian Curtis had taken the stage. It’s that sound that draws me to She Wants Revenge and always leaves me wanting more.

This is when Justin announced that they would play some new songs, the stand out being Kiss Me, a song that might scare some die hard fans as it has a lot of pop undertones. In a way that song is rooted in the sound of She Wants Revenge, but yet it had a brighter feel. Gone are the thoughts of Joy Division as even Justin’s voice sounded happier. This is not a bad thing, the song has a real rock feel and will set nicely as a bright light in a darker themed album.

Before the sun could get the feel that it was welcome in the room the bass riff of Out of Control chilled the the air. The song soothed the crowd and it’s lyrics filled their mouths. The rest of the set would be the same as their final song, Tear You Apart was definitely the fan favorite.

I would definitely suggest She Wants Revenge to anyone, even with studio musicians on the stage, the band never dropped a beat. She Wants Revenge is the kind of band that loses nothing from the studio to the stage if anything they are more emotionally powerful. You can catch She Wants Revenge on tour with the Psychedelic Furs this summer creating a combination that will be hard to miss.

I give She Wants Revenge 3.5 “Ian Curtis would be proud” out of 5.

By Ryan Davis

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