Days Inn Austin Crossroads

The Days Inn is a completely average hotel amongst most standards. However, when you are staying in Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest Festival, it becomes a luxury hotel, when you can’t possibly afford to spend $300 a night to stay at a bigger name brand hotel. I was going to be staying here for about 9 nights, so it had to meet a few expectations: are the beds comfy, are the rooms quiet and does the air conditioning work well?

Well, I got all that and more. In fact, I was sharing the room with two other people and every night when we returned from our long day at SXSW, we had stories to share and were a bit amped up at times. We never had a single complaint that we were loud, and I know we were at times. The beds were just the right amount of firm with soft. I fell asleep fast each night, although some of that could have been due to pure exhaustion. As for the air conditioning, once we realized that one of the cleaning staff must have left our window open after cleaning, which had been that way for a few days, we closed it and the room cooled right off.

I’ll give you a run down of the pros and cons of the Days Inn. Pros: the price was really good for the comparisons, the entire hotel seemed pretty clean, it stayed very quiet and there was a free continental breakfast every morning until 10 am. There was plenty of free Wi-Fi available, which was one of the main reasons I booked it, due to the website. The room had a good size flat screen television, a microwave and a mini refrigerator, which is great for left overs from eating out. I also took advantage of the sink and mirror being located outside of the bathroom which now just consisted of a shower/tub and toilet. This is a great help when three people are trying to get ready in the morning.

The cons: this hotel is located about a 10-15 minute drive from downtown Austin. If you have a car, which we did, this is no problem. However, getting to the hotel was a bit of a challenge. Our GPS was freaking out every time we tried to go there, as it wanted to route us into a wall. We had to actually exit two exits before it would tell us and just take the outer road all the way there. Either that, or you are being rerouted through the Wal-Mart parking lot, which is actually very close to the hotel and that was handy too. Within the hotel, I would say the cons were: not enough plugs in the room, as usual. I notice this problem with almost every hotel I stay in. I need to charge my phone, get on my laptop, charge the batteries for at least two cameras, and this time, there were three of us, so it was double trouble. We ended up making it work, but for the future, I hope newer hotels are built with just a crap load of plugs for all our media. There was also the problem with the shower head being too low. Now this is another normal occurrence, having to duck a little to get under the stream of water. However, this shower seemed to have come from Japan, because we were all struggling to dunk our heads into the shower head each day. It didn’t bother us that much, in fact we laughed about it a few times. If I had to name one more complaint, it would be the full size beds in the room. That really comes down to preference, as I am used to sleeping in a Queen size, but I actually fell asleep quite easily in these, even sharing with my husband too.

So overall, I really enjoyed this place and since I am already planning on attending next year’s SXSW, I will definitely be keeping this place on my shortlist. As long as I have a car next year, there is no reason why I wouldn’t stay here again.

I give the Days Inn 4 “Texas shaped waffles, which I ate every morning” out of 5

by Angela Davis

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