The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Trailer 2!

Today, the second trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse premiered on the Oprah show.  Chicago got to see it first thing this morning and the Oprah show posted a high-quality version of the trailer on their website.  I am going to guess that there will be at least one more trailer after this one since this trailer is about thirty seconds shorter than full trailers usually are.

This trailer is so much better than the first trailer.  These trailers always start with an overhead view of the Forks forest.  I am just going to list what is seen in the trailer because my grammar will get very redundant.  The trailer features (in this order) 1) Jacob confronting Bella and Edward at the Forks High School parking lot about the news that there have been quite a few suspicious murders in Seattle, something Edward does not want Bella to know about, 2) First look at Riley (Xavier Samuel) being attacked and changed by Victoria, 3) Newborn vampires wreaking havoc on the Seattle scene, 4) Carlisle realization that someone is creating a newborn army, 5) Newborn vampire army on the move, 6) Alice’s vision that the army is coming to Forks, 7)  Jacob and fellow wolf pack members joining with the Cullens to fight against the army.  You will notice that there are more wolves now since more members of the tribe have “changed,” 8 ) Great shot of the newborn army coming out of the water, 9) Volturi saying that “it’s time.”  I can’t place where they are in this scene.  Possibly Seattle?, 10) Woohoo!  Fight scenes that look awesome! 11) The engagement ring.  Not really liking the ring too much. 12) Victoria and ?Edward? chasing each other through the woods, 13) The Volturi in Forks, 14) Winter in Forks with Victoria finally confronting Edward and Bella (with the infamous tent making an appearance, and15) More fight scene AWESOMENESS!

We will post a youtube video of the HQ version as soon as it is officially posted, but for now, you need to go to the Oprah website to see it.

Update:  The trailer was officially posted on youtube and is now available to watch in HD!

June 30, 2010 is a little over two months away!  Eclipse is also being released in IMAX, so I wonder if there will be extra scenes in that version.  No 3D for this one (thank goodness), but there have been rumors that Breaking Dawn might be in 3D.

Let me know what you think of the trailer.

by Sarah Ksiazek

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