FlashForward: Better Angels

I have got to start this recap/review off by saying “damn I am loving this show.”  They are wasting no time by getting to the good stuff.  I swear if you have not been watching, start.  Go to Hulu, YouTube, or that friend that still meticulously records shows on VHS and start watching.  Of course if you are reading this post it means that either a.) you read everything and anything that I write (thank you, by the way) or b.) you are already watching and you are just trying to see if I think the same way you do about the show. Once again FF has trimmed the show down to 3 story lines which are much easier to follow and don’t bog the viewer down with so much information that we feel like we are drowning in overkill. Better Angels focuses on Mark & Olivia, Bryce & Nicole, and the Somalia gang.

My wish is coming true: Mark & Olivia are headed towards splitsville.  Can I get a Hell’s Yeah?  I swear they win ‘boring-est couple of the year’ award. Every time they are on screen together I swear I start to yawn. I think I feel one coming on now and I’m just writing about them. So we had all that build up about Charlie’s FF and it turns out that the reason D. Gibbons is a bad man is because Dylan Simcoe says he is.  Yeah um writers…we knew that already.  Okay, granted as it turns out her FF was a little bit more exciting than that, and no it was not because she heard some man say that Mark Benford is dead.  It was because of who the man was in her FF, but we will get to that later.

Over in the land of beautiful doctors and soon to be doctors we are treated to an opening shot of Bryce noisily puking into a toilet.  Did we really need the sound effects?  Some of us are sympathetic to that type of stuff and didn’t appreciate the sound effects at all.  Hey I’m just saying…  Now I know that people who look like models and belong on the cover of a magazine that I will never read can be smart enough to become doctors, lawyers, and such but I am having a heck of time trying to picture Nicole as a med student.  Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know.  Aside from being able to speak fluent Japanese (still don’t get that one) I just don’t see her as the brightest light in the room.  I know, I know it’s wrong of me to prejudge someone like that, but whatever.  So are we supposed to be cheering Bryce & Nicole on to couple-dom or are we supposed to be holding out hope for he and Keiko?  I am personally holding out hope for Bryce & Keiko.  Unfortunately, it seems the cancer might get him before either of the girls do.

Yeah I know I said that you should start watching the show and I am guessing that from what you have read so far you are not all that entirely convinced.  Well that is okay because I always start with the parts of the episode that bored me the most before I get to the good stuff, and did Better Angels have some good stuff.  First of all I counted 3 people who got red shirted.  (If you need me to explain what being red shirted means stop reading this now and go back to watching Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill.  No, I mean it stop reading now.)  As it seems our little FBI gang and adviser, Simon thought they were just going to stroll into Somalia with their story of being humanitarians and get whatever it is they were looking for.  Boy were they wrong or better yet Agent Vogle was wrong, the cocky git.  Because as it would seem, the area BMOC saw himself as the next leader of Somalia and thought the only way to accomplish this was by killing whoever he felt like.  As it turns out not only was his FF misinterpreted (Janis showed him that Better Angels was more about bringing peace than war) but because he was stupid enough to blame Simon for what happened to his village (the man was 12 or 13 when he wrote those plans people) he got shot for his efforts.  I guess his FF isn’t going to come true.  Does anyone else want to sit these people down and make them watch Back to the Future?  Heck we all learned back in the 80s that simply knowing the future changes it.  What these guys could learn from Doc Brown would blow their minds away.

The contraption that Dylan Frost and his cohorts built (I feel weird using his actual name. D. Gibbons seems more sinister somehow) is not all that impressive up close and personal.  Simon’s design and the satellite pictures are more impressive.  Although the skeletons in the basement are pretty damned impressive (eww, eww, and once again eww).  As it would seem the ‘Sinisters’ (yeah that’s my name for the invisible group) chose a small town in Somalia for their experiment and sent their minds two weeks into the future only to turn around and shoot them all.  What I want to know is what is the point to creating the FF’s if all you are going to do is kill people before you can find out if what they saw was true?  At first it seemed as though the FF had come true but then it seemed that they were killed before the day came about.  So, color me confused.  Luckily for me I don’t care too much about that particular plot point to let it bother me.  However I do care about the fact that back in 91, D. Gibbons not only knew who Dem was, he recorded a video for him.  Dun, dun, dun….  I also care about the fact that I so called the fact that Agent Vogle was a swarmy, good-for-nothing ass.  I didn’t call the fact that he was the mole ( I was thinking it would be Dem and that was only because it would have been a neat twist).  I just realized that April 29th (the day they saw in their FF) is four weeks away.  One way or another, we and the characters will find out whose FF comes true and which one’s don’t.

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