FlashForward: The Garden of Forking Paths

I have a secret for which I am about to share.  As well as being a huge fan of television I am also a major reader.  It is not considered abnormal for me to start and finish 5 or 6 books a month, sometimes more.  No that isn’t the secret.  The secret is that sometimes when I get really into a story, and I am talking so engrossed that I stay up all night reading page after page that I can hardly bear to wait to finish, I will scan ahead just to find out if it is going where I think it is going.  Because you see I am not a fan of patience.  In fact it is widely known among my friends and family that I have less patience than most children do.  I like to know what is going to happen; suspense is my enemy. Now you are probably thinking that I am missing out on the majority of the story and I would agree with you on that except I always read the full story.  So I am able to get all the details, but you would be right in thinking that something is taken away from the finale.  Which is why I try my hardest to stay away from the end until it is, well, the end.

Now imagine how I felt watching FlashForward tonight.  It took every ounce of will power I had not to fast forward to the last 10 minutes just so I could find out what happened to Dem.  I didn’t, I sat and watched the entire episode.  In fact I even rewound it a couple of times so I could make sure that I had every word correct of a killer line I had heard(don’t worry it will be included at the end).  Of course intellectually I knew that Dem would be safe.  Hell, even Lost didn’t kill off a major character until almost the end of first season and let’s face it Boone hadn’t been all that major of a character for a while by that point.  But Dem on the other hand is a major character and other than Dominic, John Cho has the most geek cred on the show.  Even with knowing this, a part of me was worried he was a goner.  If you are wondering why I didn’t save this plot point until the end like I usually do it would be because of my complete lack of patience.  Which I am sure I am not alone on.  Of course this just means that Dem will be back for another week, it doesn’t mean that he will make it through the season.

What’s aggravating about this show is that for every piece that is put in place, another spot in the puzzle opens up.  We learned that Alda Herzog not only works as an assassin for the Sinisters, she also has no qualms about diving out a window head first.  Well now we know why she wanted that hearing so badly.  Too bad it was completely obvious from the moment she mentioned it.  Those not so secretive looks at the guy through the window didn’t help either.  Unfortunately we still have no idea who is the head of the Sinisters or what they want or well, anything else for that matter.  I am not sure if Ms. Herzog is supposed to be German or Russian, but damn her accent is brutal.  Nothing about the sound of her voice brings up images of fluffy bunnies and rainbows.  Maybe a gulag, but most definitely not fluffy bunnies.  I don’t know why but I absolutely loved the contrast between her accent and Neil Jackson who portrays Lucas Hellinger. Oh you remember him from Revelation Zero.  He was the one who had kidnapped Lloyd and Simon.  As with most of the in & out characters on this show, I have no idea who this guy is or what purpose he has on the show, but I imagine we will all find out soon enough.

With all the intrigue and games they built up around D. Gibbons, the climax to his story was damn disappointing. You would think that they would have spent more time building his story.  Instead it just comes off like the storyline he was meant for was intended to be bigger and then was cut off for no apparent reason.  It was as if they felt they wrote him into a corner and didn’t know how to get him out.   When I think about the wasted storylines of Bryce and Model Chick I get irritated that here was a potential character that had my interest but now I’m stuck watching their drivel.   I thought it was interesting that the purpose of him kidnapping Dem had nothing to do with killing Dem, but had more to do with finding out which future would come true.  As he said with every flash and every decision there was a different future.  To me it seemed as though his greater intent was to find out if they could both live and prove the flashes wrong.   To me it just seems as though his story isn’t complete.  Luckily for me my disappointment over his end did not last long when I caught a glimpse of the one, the only, Gaius Baltar.  For those of you who don’t know who that is, it would be James Callis who I think is a welcome addition to our little band of misfits for however long he stays.

Favorite Lines of the Night:
“It does if you live in my head.”  D. Gibbons.

“Don’t flatter yourself sweetheart this is standard procedure for all my lying psychopathic clients.”  Zoe Andata

“Can’t touch this. Can’t touch this.” Gabriel McDow

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