FlashForward: Queen Sacrifice

Oh wow, oh wow, oh bloody freaking wow!   If there are any ABC folks reading this and you are right now at this very moment trying to decide whether to renew V or FlashForward, I say this one thing “Screw V and renew FF now, no right now!”  At first I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to pay much attention to tonight’s episode (and frankly I did have a hard time for the first 30 minutes) because back in my real world worked sucked and I was still trying to de-stress.  So needless to say, as much as I have come to love this show the last thing on my mind tonight was the fact that I had to sit there and try to remember everything that happened.  But oh I am so glad I did.  Like all FF episodes, Queen Sacrifice was broken in to 3 separate stories; Bryce & Keiko, Olivia & Lloyd, and the FBI gang (you ever notice that at least one of the story lines involve a group of people? Hmmm)

Bryce you dirty, cancer-ridden dog you.  For months now you have been going on and on about some chick you haven’t met yet in a restaurant and then you go and kiss model chick. Yeah I know her name is Nicole, but model chick has a better ring to it. Meanwhile your soon to be lady love is laboring in a greasy garage fixing cars and talking to scary looking guys who happen to be covered in tattoos.  By the way, I loved how when we first see Emil Guterriez he looks like the typical bad boy and then as it turns out, nope! not so bad.  Well aside from employing illegal immigrants, but come on, that on a scale of 1 to 10 for badness, that ranks about a 2.5.  Although it does seem as though he has something to hide about his FF.  Can’t wait to see what that is. So not only is the man Keiko sits with in a restaurant day in and day out hoping to see him kissing another chick, but she also gets arrested at her first job in America.  Welcome to the US Keiko, we hope you enjoy your stay.  And yes for those of you who are wondering, I did catch the remark on Gremlins, but frankly it was so stupid and had absolutely nothing to do with anything that I tried to pretend like it didn’t happen. Memo to the writers just because you can put in a Pop Culture reference, doesn’t mean you should.  Remember that for next time will you?  Thanks.

There was of course some stuff with Olivia, but frankly this was the part that I had a hard time paying attention to.  How is it that I love Sonya Walger as Penny on LOST, but I can’t stand her as Olivia on FF?  It makes no sense.  Ok well anyway, from what I was able to ascertain from the little I did pay attention to, I learned only one thing and that is whiny kids on television are just as annoying as whiny kids in real life.  Ok yeah there was something about QED and how it is actually a formula for blocking the effects of the FlashForwards, but truthfully I didn’t understand much of what they were saying so I didn’t pay all that close of attention.  I felt like I was back in my college Chem class and was just staring at my professor with a permanent “Duh” look on my face.   I didn’t understand Chemistry in college and I don’t understand it now.  My parents must be so proud.

First of all, let me just state that I know just as much about Chess as I do about Chemistry or Physics, which as you have probably guessed is nothing.  So once I found out that the title of tonight’s episode was Queen Sacrifice I immediately went to Wikipedia (I love that website) to see if I could learn a little bit or at least enough to get the jist of the episode.  Yeah I was wrong.  I understood nothing.  Luckily, I didn’t need to know anything about Chess to follow the FBI gang and their search for the “mole.”  Well people you read it here first, I was wrong.  Yeah that’s right, I was wrong.  Agent “Jerk” Vogel wasn’t the mole.  Although I still contend that he is one of the bad guys, I just haven’t figured out how though.  But as far as I can tell he isn’t one of the Sinisters (watch me be wrong on that too). Nope, Agent Marcy was the mole or a better term would be the sacrificial mole.  Sorry Marcy you were merely the patsy in this confusing frakked up game they’re playing.  Hey did you have to shoot Family Guy, um I mean Seth MacFarlane, oh no, I meant Agent Jake Curdy?  Luckily it was just a shoulder wound and he wasn’t red shirted so hopefully in future episodes I will get to exclaim “Hey it’s Family Guy!”  (It’s the little things that tickle me)  Now I admit I did not see Marcy as the mole, but then again considering I don’t remember ever seeing her before tonight it’s not all that surprising that I couldn’t figure it out.  But hot dog I really didn’t see sweet little bullet-ridden Janis as the mole.  Seriously people OMG!  Damn that was out of left field.  Way to go writers!  Now I’m starting to wonder if she has been lying about her FF.  I mean why would some badass Sinister be spending all of her time going to fertility clinics?  Um she wouldn’t.  So what has she been doing all of this time.  Agent Vogel so called it when he said that getting shot provided her with the perfect cover. I mean who ever could have suspected her?  Sure as heck not me.  I feel like such a fool because not once did I ever suspect that Janis was anything other than a good little FBI agent who happened to be trying to get pregnant. Ooh boy I can’t wait for next week.

Favorite line of the week:

“It’s a good thing the fate of the world doesn’t rely on Mark Benford finding the mole”

I love that snarky little hobbit.

Until next week,


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