SXSW Music: Foxy Shazam at The Dirty Dog

I had the rug pulled out from underneath me. That is how I felt as Foxy Shazam wrapped up their set at the Dirty Dog. I had come to the Dirty Dog to see the reformed Hole, based on the very mixed, though female-heavy crowd, I don’t think any one in the room was ready for the show that Foxy Shazam totally floored the room with.

Based on their name I had no idea what to expect from the quintet that was crammed onto the tiny stage. Foxy Shazam will floor you. It may not be music prowess that will do it, which they do have but it will be the show. You know how occasionally there is a band that comes along that just freaking kills it live? That’s Foxy Shazam in a nut shell.

Sure there was a bit of shock that drew me into the show. Any time the lead singer of a band, in this case Eric Sean Nally comes out and says that he figures he will be dead in two weeks, they better bring the goods to back such bold claims. Nally would later in the set, and if you are eating now, or preparing to eat you may want to come back and read this later, light four cigarettes, puffs them to about half way and then eat them… straight, no chaser. I stood on the floor stupefied as to whether I should cheer the man or vomit. Disgusting but ‘old school balls out, don’t give a F*ck’ rock n’ roll  like I hadn’t seen in some time, very refreshing and I was loving every minute of it.

Nally wasn’t the only one putting on a show. Sky White on the keyboards was as animated as a cartoon character. With the smaller venue, it was hard to see many of the other members of the band. Although bass player Daisy definitely stood out with some pretty epic hair. It was a cross between Claudio Sanchez’s (of Coheed and Cambria) fro, with that layered skunk look blonde on top of black. Like I said, epic.

It’s always a nice surprise  when a band catches you so completely off guard. It’s a feeling that as I have gotten older I haven’t felt in a long time. Thank you, Foxy Shazam for making me feel so alive. If you ever get a chance to catch Foxy Shazam live and aren’t afraid of some fun, heavy experimental music, it’s a show not to miss.

As a small follow up to this show, once I got home I quickly went about picking up a couple of their albums. Suffice it to say the energy they bring live amazingly carries over to the recorded album. It is well worth seeking out their material in the event that you can’t catch them live.

Foxy Shazam plays the Jackpot Music Hall in  Lawrence, Ks April 26. Their latest self-titled Album is now in stores, iTunes, and Amazon.

I give Foxy Shazam at the Dirty Dog 4 “those weren’t candy cigarettes” out of 5

by John Coovert

photos by Angela Davis

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