LOST: Everybody loves Hugo

Tonight’s episode kind of made my head hurt. Not because it was bad, I really liked it, but because it was really causing me to think back to season one and two about a lot of things. Things about Libby and Michael, and history with Desmond and so on and so on. Tonight was mostly about Hugo, hence the name.

On the island, he finally has people listening to him. After Illana ignores his requests of not blowing up the plane, she drops the bag of dynamite and BOOM. I saw it coming from a mile away. I mean, they weren’t wrapped up or non-leaky at all. On top of that, she was mindlessly throwing bottles of water on top of them, so she was asking for it. But then I thought, why would they ave built her character so much, just to blow her up? Then Ben said it all, “the island was finished with her,” her job was just to announce the candidates, and that must have been it.

Hurley asked to speak to Libby when he speaks to her grave and Michael shows up. I really wish we could have had a bit more Michael in the episode though. He tells Hugo that they can’t blow up the plane and he needs to stop them, because people listen to him now. After running ahead of the gang going towards the Black Rock, he comes running out from the ship just before it explodes. He decided if there is no dynamite, nothing can be blown up. Richard then divides the crew, as he mentions the weapons located at the Dharma barracks. Hugo doesn’t want to go and thinks it’s time to speak to Locke. These two options divide the crew and Miles and Ben go with Richard toward the barracks and Sun, Jack and Frank go with Hugo towards Locke. Sun still can’t speak but makes a note that this may be a mistake and Jack confesses that he trusts Hugo in wherever they go. Just then, the whispers surround them in the jungle and instead of getting scared, Hurley thinks he knows what they are. He goes around a corner and begins speaking with Michael about the voices. Apparently they are people like Michael, who have died on or around the island and can’t escape. So, another big answer from the show has been revealed in such a casual way. This begins the theory of Limbo again. If these people are trapped between death and peace, that sounds just like the meaning of Limbo. Surely that can’t be it! If the show reveals that, then everyone would have been right all along.

They make their way to Locke’s camp and Hugo makes peace with Locke just enough so that they can talk. Locke had been doing some pretty nasty business just before though. When Sayid returned to camp with Desmond, he tied him to a tree and gave him over to Locke. Desmond was still a very cool cat and said he wouldn’t run because he had nowhere to go. The two of them took a walk to the well that Locke fell down before. He proceeded to tell him that Widmore is bad because he doesn’t care about the answers of the island. He quickly realized that Desmond is not scared of him and questioned him on that. Desmond responded why do I have any reason to be scared? Then Locke pushed him down the well and left him for dead. I think that Desmond came back from that electromagnetic jolt as not only a cool cucumber, but with a lot of symbolism like Jacob. Locke saw a teenage boy in the jungle tonight and you have to admit that it looks like a young Jacob. We have seen this happen before, when Locke was walking with Sawyer, he saw a very young Jacob-looking boy. I think this might be the spirit/aura of Jacob regenerating on the island. It has to go through an aging process again after being killed. If we were to see him next week, he would look like a young adult, maybe 19 or 20. So, with the hints of Jacob, and Desmond being the only person not scared of Locke, I think Locke suspected him of having some Jacob-like quality and decided to take him out while he had the chance, although, if you watched the trailer for next week, we see him still sitting in the bottom of the well.

So, in the alternate universe, Hugo is a major franchise owner of Mr. Clucks Chicken, and has the greatest luck and no craziness. His mother tries to set him up on a blind date, which doesn’t show up. Libby shows up instead. She tells him that she knows him and has very bold memories of them being together, like soul mates. After figuring out that she is from Santa Rosa Mental Institute, he is pretty upset, since he liked her, but figured she is just crazy. He goes into Mr. Clucks and and gets a bucket of chicken to sulk and eat and Desmond finds him there “accidentally” and sort of pushes him to give Libby another chance. When Hugo goes to the mental institute, he still has no memory of her and she goes on to say they have spent time together on an island and there was a plane crash. He asks her out on a date, which happens to be a picnic on the beach, classy. This show has become one instance of deja vu after another. So, fun moment-Libby kisses Hugo and BAM, all the memories come flooding back to him as well. Only memories of Libby and himself on the beach and kissing and spending time together. So this is starting to confirm my theory of the memories and flashes are only happening to people in love. Desmond with Penny, Charlie with Claire, Daniel with Charlotte, and now Hugo with Libby.

Desmond happened to be watching Hugo and Libby share this moment in his car, very spy-like and then drove off to spy on Locke at the school he was substituting at. Ben walks up to his window and confronts him for watching the kids and he plays it off that he has a son named Charlie and is looking for a school. Then he puts the car in drive and runs his car right into Locke in his wheelchair. He drives off and Ben comes to his aid and says that they will get him to a hospital.

So what I think is happening here is: Desmond is becoming the new Jacob, at least in the alt world. He is very calm, has no fear of death and is now slyly convincing all the 815 passengers to see this other world which might begin a gathering of the group trying to find the island. I am pretty sure that Locke/MiB is the bad guy and Jacob is the good one, at least at this point. These two timelines are going to merge dramatically somehow. For instance, Locke just got run over, he is about to be taken to the hospital, where Jack will be working on him and miraculously fix his spine, enabling him to walk again. That will then tie the alt world Locke to the island Locke, who can walk.

If you remember last week, Desmond was questioning Eloise about Penny and she asked that he just leave it all alone, that life is just too good now, don’t go messing it up. Well, first, she has always been in his business too much, but now I can’t help but have a feeling that she knows and has always known what has been going on. Does she somehow control all of this, or know what is happening simultaneously between the two worlds? We saw that Widmore was part of the alt world having Desmond work for him, but I get the feeling that even he doesn’t know what’s going on.

I still have no clue who is supposed to replace MiB in this game, honestly, I don’t think it will matter, because he won’t ever get off the island anyway. These candidates have just been lingering for a while now, and Kate is really becoming a wasted character. I know that she is not one of the primary characters and that she will probably have her moment when it comes to Jack and Sawyer as she has always played the part of the girl between them.

One more thing, the trailer for next week was probably my favorite one ever! It was so creepy how they had the show spinning out of control while playing the song from Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory, sung by Gene Wilder. Loved that! So… How do you think it will end?

I give Hugo 4 “I see dead people” out of 5

by Angela Davis


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