LOST: Happily Ever After

Spoiler Alert! This episode was so epic and fantabulous that I am still processing all of the ins and outs of Happily Ever After. Charlie and Desmond! Two of my favorite characters on the show together in the alt world.

So, Desmond was brought back to the island so Widmore could zap him with electromagnetic energy and test him for the war they are preparing  for on the island. He is transported via his mind to the alternate world and has just landed in LA from flight 815. In this world, he is not married to Penny, never even met her actually. He is Widmore’s right-hand man and makes lots of money working for him and flying all over the world doing his business. Did anyone else notice that the art in Widmore’s office has changed from that of the polar bear to a scale with black stones on one side and white stones on the other? The scale is pretty even in the painting. He also offers his 60 year old scotch, McCutcheon to Desmond and says he is the most deserving man for it. Totally opposite of what happened years ago when he met with Widmore to ask for a job, I believe. Widmore is married to Eloise, who now has crazy Grandma hair. They have raised Daniel, who now uses the Widmore name and is simply a musician-pianist. Penny was never raised as a Widmore. She was raised by her Mom and is Daniel’s half sister.

Charlie is supposed to play a Driveshaft show with Daniel at some fundraiser party that Eloise is throwing and Desmond is hired by Widmore to babysit Charlie to make sure he will show up at the party. Desmond picks him up from the police station where he was taken after the flight for swallowing the drugs. He proceeds across the street to a bar named Jax with a kangaroo on the sign. Inside, he explains to Desmond that when he was choking on those drugs in the plane, he saw a woman, a blond woman, who he instantly felt that he was in love with. He had to come close to death to see her. So when Desmond is then driving Charlie to the hotel, Charlie says he wants to show Desmond what he is talking about and crashes his car into the water, in a boat harbor and nearly drowns. While Charlie doesn’t fight it at all and simply sits in the seat while sinking, Desmond fights to get out and catch his breath. When he comes back down for Charlie, he can’t get the door opened at first (just like in the looking glass!) and Charlie looks at him and raises his hand to the window. All of the sudden, Desmond has this flash of déjà vu, of when Charlie was drowning in the looking glass and warned Desmond, “Not Penny’s Boat.” He does manage to save Charlie this time and they both go to the hospital.

In the hospital, Desmond has even stronger images while getting an MRI of Penny and the life that we have seen them have already. He runs to find Charlie in the hospital and runs into Jack, who is working there. Remember that Jack was having some déjà vu moments in the first episode, so they might tie together later. He chases down Charlie and Charlie explains to him about these images he has been seeing. These are what Charlie is chasing now, instead of a high from a drug, he is trying to kill himself so he can feel this other life he felt for a moment. He says that none of this matters, meaning this world, or the alt world as I call it.

Charlie runs off saying he can’t possibly play the show now with what he has just experienced. So Desmond has to go to Eloise to explain and he hears Penny’s name and tries to investigate when Eloise butts in and begins to yell at him that he shouldn’t be looking for answers, his life is perfect now the way that it is. Does Eloise know what is happening in both time lines? She was persistent about not selling a ring to him for Penny before because she just wants him on the path that will lead to the island, and now, she is trying to prevent him from finding Penny again.

Daniel talks to Desmond before he leaves and confirms these feelings that he had been having. Daniel says all he had to do was look at a red headed girl eating some Chocolate (Charlotte and remember on the island, he first met Charlotte as a child eating chocolate in the Dharma Initiative in 1977) and he started having these overwhelming feelings of love. He woke up in the middle of the night and drew up plans for quantum physics, only he didn’t even know what they were, because he is just a musician. After having a friend explain to him what he had drawn, he started telling Desmond that he thinks that maybe this isn’t the life they were supposed to live. He gets even more in depth by saying that he thinks that in another life or world, he may have set off a hydrogen bomb. So he is by far the closest to tying the two worlds together at this point. Just like he was what started the alternate world, by proposing the bomb idea. Charlie has also been an important catalyst for this show twice now. He appeared in this episode and now we are beginning to understand the two worlds and how they may become tied together, and before, he warned Desmond about the boat, which brought about a whole new story with the freighter and the survivors getting off of the island etc, etc.

Daniel tells Desmond exactly where Penny will be that night, which happens to be how he met Jack, in the football field, running stairs. When he shakes her hand, he faints and wakes up on the island again. He instantly understands why Widmore had brought him to the island and is 100% on board with Widmore and asks to be shown what they ave to do now. However, when Widmore’s minions start walking Desmond somewhere, Sayid shows up and kills two of them and tells Zoe to run and takes Desmond with him. The really confusing part is that Desmond just smiles and goes with Sayid. He seemed delirious, or maybe he just doesn’t know that Sayid is not on their side.

So I think this has now become by favorite episode. I mean, I still haven’t seen Jin and Sun reunite, they will probably make us wait until the last episode, but I finally got some Charlie! And Desmond. Oh, and most importantly, Desmond gets back in the car after fainting and meeting Penny and asks his driver, George to take him to meet Penny AND get him the manifest for everyone on flight 815. He wants to show them all what he has just realized. He is planning on bringing together everyone on the flight and proposing the other life that they have all lived or died in, don’t know how well that is going to go over. I thought it was genius to have his driver be George, who he met on the freighter back a few seasons ago. George was also a time traveler and taught him about “constants.” How fitting that he lead him through that then, and now he is leading Desmond by driving him places. Desmond is now a very important part of the way we get to the finale and I think it is becoming more evident that the alt world is another life in which Jacob never interacted with any of them. Somehow, their lives have all turned out a thousand times better, at least it looks that way to us. This is leaning me more towards the thought that Jacob is the evil one and the man in black was the good one. Although, I would definitely think that Locke is the evil one when compared with Widmore. This episode definitely showed that Widmore had a soft side and tried to show that he had done all of this for a reason bigger than himself. I have written enough at this moment, I think I might watch this episode again.

I give Happily Ever After 5 “Desmond is my constant” out of 5

by Angela Davis


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