LOST: The Last Recruit

Jack, didn’t anyone tell you, the first rule of The Island is ‘Don’t talk to John Locke.’ And the second rule of The Island is ‘DON”T talk to John Locke.’ So it seems that the last recruit is Jack. He spoke with Locke about Smokey posing as his Dad on the island, when he knew he was dead. That was interesting to hear. Locke says it was to help them to water and that all he’s ever wanted was to get them off the island that Jacob dragged them to and now won’t let them leave from. Jack is a smart guy though, and I think he can see through Locke’s BS, or at least smell it. After that, Claire walked up to Jack, all not crazy now and knew he was her brother and they had a moment. I thought it was a little weird that they painted her so crazy when Jin found her but now, she seems to be okay, minus the web of crazy on her head.

There was this surreal moment when they were all brought together in Locke’s camp and for a moment, it felt just like being back on the beach when the Others were trying to kill them, now those guys seem so harmless. So Locke hatches a plan to attack since Widmore found out that Locke stole Desmond. He doesn’t know that he threw him in a well. Widmore, now has air-striking ability, which seems odd. Then again, it’s LOST, and they’ve built the show around odd. So, Locke sends Sayid to go whack Desmond, now that the Widmore group wants him back. However, good ole Desmond gets Sayid talking. He asks him what Locke has promised him for killing him. I feel a warm moment coming here. They didn’t show it, and Sayid told Locke that he killed Desmond, but I feel that he probably changed his mind and helped Desmond out. Could it be? Desmond is the new Jacob? He just turned Sayid back into a cool cat with a conscious by talking about ladies with him?

Sawyer also hatched his own plan to break away from Locke and steal the boat to get to the sub. He told Jack to ONLY bring Sun, Hurley and Lapidus, or as he called him, the man that just stepped off a Burt Reynolds set. Claire followed the little group all the way to the boat and confronted them. So, here is where Kate was finally able to prove herself and shed a tear. She convinced Claire to come with them, she wanted to bring her back to her little boy. Basically it was that, or Kate would have died on the spot, because Claire was aiming a gun at her. On the boat, Lapidus discovers food and everyone disappears below deck, except for the troublesome threesome. Kate takes the wheel of the boat and Sawyer goes to congratulate Jack on following orders. Jack comes up with this crazy idea that they aren’t supposed to leave the island. “We have to go back!” Remember that? He does make a good point though. If Locke wants us to leave so bad, maybe he is scared of what might happen if we stay. Hmm, well, that would mean Locke couldn’t leave the island and destroy the universe, I guess. Jack jumps off the boat, because Sawyer told him to and Kate yells, JACK! but does nothing. Who will she choose in the end, will we ever know?

The small group makes it to the Hydra Island and meets Zoe and her minions with guns. She radios to Widmore to shut off the alarm grid and Sun spots Jin and their eyes lock and it was beautiful! They go running towards each other and embrace and kiss and cry and it was great. I started tearing up a bit too, and also realized that Sun just said, “I love you” in English. Love brought her speech back to her. Although, she didn’t seem to notice that now he spoke perfect English as well. I guess that’s love for you. Although, I have to say, I was really scared for a moment because Zoe had just radioed to turn off the grid and then they ran at each other from opposite sides of the grid…that could have been messy. Luckily, the writers are not jerks and gave us what we wanted. It didn’t last long though, Widmore dropped the deal with Sawyer and soon they all had guns to their heads again.

At that same moment, Jack was just washing up on shore from his long swim back and met Locke who had discovered that his boat had been stolen by Sawyer. Before Jack even had a moment to catch his breath, they were all diving from bombs being dropped on them from Widmore. These two (Widmore/Locke) have become a classic case of “Battleship.” All they’re doing now is strategically moving from place to place and trying to kill one another. Before the show came to an end, Locke picked up Jack from the bombing area and said that he and Jack are now on the same side.

In the alt world, we had some creative tie-ins that are going to really start bringing the show together. Desmond is definitely becoming the new Jacob. He snuck up on Claire when she was headed to the adoption agency and convinced her to speak to his lawyer, Ilana first. I knew Ilana wasn’t done yet, and she just happened to be looking for her on behalf of Christian Shephard’s will. Desmond is slowly guiding everyone to a place that would make them want to find the island, I think.

After he hit Locke with his car last week, which after thinking about it I think was not to kill him, but maybe to make him feel the connection to the other world, we see Locke going to the hospital. He is being wheeled in on a stretcher right next to Sun being shot. Sun can’t speak English here either, just because she never needed to learn it in this scenario, but she is freaking out being next to him. Could it be that her traumatic situation with the gun shot has connected her two worlds?

She does make it through a surgery just fine plus her unborn baby and everything there is all happy. Back in the lawyer’s office with Jack, he just discovered that his Dad is Claire’s Dad and needs an escape. Luckily for him, the hospital calls for his help and he basically runs out of there. You knew who he was going to save, John Locke. What I think may happen here is Jack is not only going to save John’s life, but he will make him walk again. That will be a connection between himself and the John that could walk after a plane crash.

I still have no idea how it is all going to work out, but it is definitely coming together, due to Desmond. He might have even brought Sayid back from the Darkside. This wasn’t a fantastic episode, but still much more enjoyable than a filler.

I give The Last Recruit 3.5 “cool cats with a conscious” out of 5

by Angela Davis

PS: Would you be able to find the dock with this map?


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