Movie Review: Let’s All Have Babies!

Let’s all have babies!  Actually, let’s not because of the whole environmental impact stuff.  Babies is an entertaining, educational, enthralling documentary on babies from four different countries.  The filmmakers followed four babies:  Bayar from Bayanchandmani, Mongolia; Hattie from San Francisco, California; Mari from Tokyo, Japan, and Ponijao from Opuwo, Namibia.  These four babies were filmed from birth until they took their first steps.  This seems like a pretty simple concept, and it’s probably safe to say that many of you have no interest in seeing this film.  Let me try to persuade you to take a chance with Babies.

The movie opens with a little sibling rivalry between Ponijao and a friend, who belong to the Himba tribe in Namibia.  This is the same scene that is at the beginning of the Babies trailer.  We then get taken back to the birth of the four babies, and our journey begins.  This movie turned out to be something completely different from what I expected.  There is no narration or subtitles.  The babies just tell their own story and you can pretty much infer what is being said by the parents, friends, relatives by body language and tone of voice.  It kind of puts you in the babies’ world.  The soundtrack/score is on point the entire movie.  It is a different sound than you usually hear in movies, but it completes the movie well.

Because of the cultural differences between the four babies, we get to see events and things happen in different ways.  Bathing, haircuts, diaper changes or the lack of, falling asleep, sibling rivalry, vocalizing or making the first sounds, and making their first discoveries are all different for each baby.  I especially liked how the movie showed each baby having a relationship with animals, whether it was a pet or livestock.  Mari got a trip to the Tokyo Zoo and she was pretty terrified of the tiger and gorilla.  Crawling, standing up, and taking their first steps were all featured for each baby.  It would have been nice to know what their age was when each accomplished a milestone.

Babies provides a lot of laughs for the audience.  Whether it is a sibling tormenting his new brother or the same brother dragging the pet cat along the floor, these are all things that happen the world over.  My favorite part of the movie had to be Mari throwing a huge tantrum because she could not put a toy together and this tantrum went on for a while.  There were no sad moments in this movie, which is refreshing.

Parents be warned, there is nudity in this movie, but I think that is expected since it is a documentary.  I do not have kids, but I would be fine taking a young child to this movie.  It is rated PG due to cultural and maternal nudity.  There are no conception scenes.

Babies is a refreshing documentary on the lives of babies in four different cultures that is both entertaining and educational.  This movie is my first 5 out of 5 review on Lost in Reviews.  I would gladly see it again and bring friends with me.  I do not know if there will be many people who will want to see this in the theatres, but those that take a chance will be surprised by what an experience it will be.  Did I persuade you?

I give Babies 5 “Dang it, eHarmony!  Why don’t you work?!” out of 5.

by Sarah Ksiazek


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