The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Clips and New Poster 5/18/10

The Twilight trio (Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner plus Dakota Fanning) were on Oprah on May 13th.  I was moving to Dallas, so I did not get a chance to watch it, but three clips from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse were shown on the show.  They have popped up on Youtube.  The first of the three clips is Edward being very pissed that Jacob kissed Bella.  We also get to see some Charlie Swan action.  I don’t think I have seen Edward so mad in the other two movies.  I like it.

The second clip is not so much a clip but a trailer with Oprah doing a voiceover. You do get to see a few new scenes, but all in all, not that exciting.  I do love Edward asking if Jacob has a shirt.

The third clip was an intro piece for Dakota Fanning to come on stage.  It shows Jane being the ringleader for the Volturi visit to Seattle.  She’s still evil . . .

Nikki Reed was on The Ellen Show today and we got a little taste of the Rosalie/Bella interaction.  In the novel, we get to read about how Rosalie became a vampire, and they did shoot scenes and cast actors for that sequence.  Maybe this clip is a precursor to that story being told.  The clip is crappy, but I will update it as soon as a good, non video camera one gets posted.  Sorry! UPDATE: Better quality clip and you actually see a bit more from the scene.

The poster that was released today is kinda not good.  I liked the last poster with them standing together, not looking down with a wind-machine blowing their hair.  Thoughts?

by Sarah Ksiazek

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