FlashForward: Course Correction

I am pretty sure the universe didn’t want me to do a write up on last night’s episode. I could come up with a million reasons as to why I wasn’t able to do it sooner; computer issues, life in general, I thought my house was going to be hit by an asteroid….you know the normal excuses.  But the truth is nothing about last night’s episode stood out for me and when that happens my mind goes in to mental lock down.  I thought about waiting until I could come up with a normal write up, but it has been almost 24 hours and still nothing worth writing about is coming to mind.  So instead I figured I would write about that.  Hell not every episode can blow you out of the water, can it?

Every time I see Alex Kingston on FF I expect to see Anthony Edwards as Mark Green walk through the shot wearing scrubs and yelling “Stat!”  It can be quite disconcerting.  Final Destination said it and Lost said it, but apparently the writers have never seen them because they are playing heavily on the idea that the universe has a plan. Which makes me wonder why the universe would care that much about what humans do, but hey whatever.  All I could think about was how they managed to take an awesome episode like  “The Gift” and making it into a farce.  What the hell was the point of Agent Gough making such a huge sacrifice if it didn’t end up meaning anything?  I understand that often death has no meaning and that it can happen with no warning, but come on guys are you freaking kidding me with this crap?  Are we really supposed to sit and watch episode after episode wondering if Dem is going to die that day?  I spent half the episode waiting for Desmond to pop and tell Dem he’s going to die.  Other than seeing my favorite Cylon again, I had absolutely no interest in that storyline.

Oh Lloyd, how far you have fallen in my eyes.  Not only are you stuck with Olivia (second episode in a row where Olivia didn’t annoy me) but at times your accent sounds freakishly girl-like; as though you are trying to mask your real accent.  Now I understand that sometimes a true English accent can be hard for people to understand (I watch the BBC channel and there is a warning at the beginning of every episode of Skins for that reason alone) but still, does it have to change from sentence to sentence, scene to scene, or character to character?  Right now I don’t really understand why you are there at all.  It’s strange how in two short episodes I have gone from wanting to see Model Chick and Olivia off the show to wanting Model Chick and Lloyd off the show.  I never thought I would put Lloyd in the same category as Nicole, but there you have it.  If he isn’t walking around the FBI offices looking confused; he is with Olivia.  Let’s give this man something to do.  Hell anything would be nice at this point.  Maybe his “I’m such a good guy” routine is really a ruse and he is actually the head Sinister.  Now that would be something worth watching.

Mark Benford is an ass; a selfish, self-centered, egotistical ass.  He finds out that Simon’s sister has been kidnapped and instead of showing a little bit of sympathy all he can think about is how this messes with his case.  That man is so focused on the Mosaic Investigation that he can’t see how all of it effects the people around him.  Ok yeah I get that Simon hasn’t been on the up and up throughout everything, but hell the FBI has gotten farther with Simon’s help than they would have without him.  Hell it’s not like Mark hasn’t lied and kept secrets.  Ugh he is so damn smug sometimes that I wish I could reach out and smack him.  He actually believed that his superior FBI skills led him to an abandoned warehouse where the girl was magically left unharmed.  Really?  Really?  Please, how stupid do they think the viewers are?  Not only did that one scene leave Mark looking like a dumb ass, it also helped to cement my opinion of what an ass he is.  I really hope next week’s episode is better than this one.

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