FlashForward: The Negotiation

I have sad news to report, although I am sure you probably know by now; FlashForward has been cancelled.  Oh it isn’t official, but you know how these things work.  Two weeks from tonight will be the last episode ever.  Unless of course they decide to do a 2 hour made for television movie that wraps everything up.  I can only hope that the creators and writers saw the writing on the wall months ago and were able to wrap things up.  To this day I haven’t forgiven Rob Thomas for the way he ended Veronica Mars.  But that is in the past and the last episode of FlashForward is in the future.  In the meantime we have “The Negotiation.”  Which truthfully I can not quite understand why that was the title of tonight’s episode, but hey at this point in the game, “Who Cares?”

So Aaron was finally able to rescue his daughter; Good for him.  Unfortunately that is pretty much all I have to say on that storyline. Fortunately that was all that happened with the storyline so there isn’t much need for me to go on.  Well except for the fact that Aaron’s nifty little photos helped to bring down the current administration.  If Afghanistan is 8 & a half hours ahead (from where I am at) and 11 & half hours from Los Angeles does that mean that Aaron saw the date as April 30th?  Or was he experiencing his FF in tonight’s episode without actually showing the exact moment?  What probably happened is the writers didn’t think any one would notice that little fun fact and if they did just chalk it up to writer’s liberties.  I understand taking creative license on some things.  It is fiction and with fiction you are able to stretch reality beyond the point of no return, but with something like this I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t just take one line and have someone address the issue of not everyone on this planet is on the same day.

Well our little mad scientist gets lucky and screwed all in one episode.  Some days you just have to imagine that Simon thinks his life sucks.  Not only is he a pawn in a game he never wanted to play, he is also wanted by the FBI and most especially Mark, and well we all know how narrow minded he can be.  I am going to miss not seeing My Hobbit every Thursday.  I really hope he shows up on my screen soon.  Whatever reservation I had about not being able to see him as anyone but Charlie has been blown completely out of the water after his performance on FF.  I may have liked him as Charlie and as Merri in LOTR, but dang it all he really brought it in FF.  What a snarky man Simon Campos is.  “An offer? Like what taking the rest of my fingers and killing my mother?”  Was quite possibly my favorite line of the night.  Well not so much the line but the way Dom said it.  I love how they are able to have Simon walk the fine line of villain and hero.  Because we are never able to quite grasp which side he is on.  Although I am pretty sure that he is neither and just out for himself.  Which I have to admit after spending the last 22 episodes watching characters do wrong for what they say is the right reason it’s pretty refreshing to see a character who is honest about his reasons for doing what he is doing without making excuses.  We finally find out who the Head Sinister is or do we?  Come on can any one really say that they believe hands down that the guy from Make It or Break It is the head man?  I know I can’t.  Plus that would be way too easy.  Maybe the boss for the group in LA, but definitely not the whole organization.  Nope I am not buying that one.  Too bad we won’t actually be able to find out who the “real” head guy is.

Poor Janis.  Now everyone knows she is a double, triple, quadruple agent.  And there goes Mr. Righteous himself lecturing her on the things she had to do for her job.  The one good thing about FF being cancelled is I will no longer have to look at Mark’s arrogant face any more.  I say Olivia should run as fast as she can to Lloyd and never look back.  Meanwhile someone should really tell Dem that he is never going to have a future with Janis except for maybe, possibly as the baby daddy if he is lucky.  I know that some may consider this to be blasphemy but I am so sick of the “You’re gonna die Charlie” storyline that I am hoping some one does kill Dem.  Not because I want him dead;  I just can’t stand this type of storyline.  It’s like watching a soap opera.  The hero is on trial.  Will he get off or won’t he?  Uh…duh.  We aren’t idiots.  I may have hated the fact that on Lost they killed Charlie, but I will always respect them for not trying to cop out of the storyline with some last minute miracle that made absolutely no sense.   Oh well.

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