FlashForward: Countdown

How ironic is it that the next to the last episode of FlashForward should be titled “Countdown”? This past week we learned that FF had been cancelled and what a shame that has turned out to be. After an admittedly shaky start it has grown to be a solid, fun show that has interesting twists, turns, and characters. But as it would seem the BMOC over at ABC feel that V is a better show and more deserving of a second season. I wonder if any one at ABC is even watching that show? In my humble opinion it sucks something awful, but whatever I am just going to enjoy the last two episodes of FlashForward and pretend that V dies a horrible death next year.

Unfortunately Thursday’s episode was just as confusing as ABC”s decision to cancel the series. I will be the first to admit that shows with big casts do not bother me in the least. In fact, I quite enjoy them because it doesn’t allow me the time to get bored with one particular storyline or irritated with the fact that one character is seen over and over and over again. However if a big cast is not handled correctly it can lead to chaos and confusion. Such was the case of “Countdown.” It was as if the writers knew they were headed to the season finale (the script was obvisously written way before the cancellation) and they needed to take everything they had set up in the premiere and cram it into one hour. This would have been fine if it wasn’t for the fact that we were dealing with 10 different characters and basically 10 different storylines. That is a hell of a lot to stuff in to a 44 minute time period (I’m not counting commercials). Instead of following every detail I found myself getting confused, lost, and then finally bored with it all.

So much so that it barely registered that Dem chose to break all the rules and help Simon. Or that Nicole is no where near her flash (not that I actually care). Did Tracy die? I can’t even remember and that is something that I should remember seeing as how I just finished watching the episode for the 2nd time not 30 minutes ago. And if I don’t remember what happened how can I care about it? The answer is I can’t care about it. I know I should. I know that I am supposed to care about some of these characters but the truth of the matter is that I just don’t. It sucks to like a show and realize that you don’t like or care about some of the characters. Unfortunately although it seems as though they were all major the fact is that for the most part they weren’t. Even Lloyd became smaller than Simon and he was and still is part of one of the bigger flashes. However it would seem from the looks of things that his flash had less to do with a major love affair and is more about opportunity. But I guess we will or won’t find out for sure next week in the finale.

But again I ask, who cares? Keiko has only been seen as of this writing 3 times and we, the audience, are expected to be emotionally connected to her storyline since it is connected to Bryce’s who is connected to Nicole who is apparently connected to nobody. Hell Model Chick hasn’t babysat for the Benford’s since the first couple of episodes so we can’t count that connection. Yet when Keiko was told by her mother that she had to get on a plane headed to Japan the knowledge that she wouldn’t be able to meet Bryce I didn’t care at all. “Big deal, who cares” I thought. I couldn’t even bring myself to care that Zoe all but called it quits with Dem after she found out about Dem being a baby daddy. Not that I can blame her, but still. Zoe has at least been around longer than Keiko and seen a lot more, but no, I don’t care. In fact I hope that Dem doesn’t get on the plane in next week’s episode. It’s not because I don’t like Zoe. I like her just fine, but once again they have failed to capture me in terms of their relationship being the one that overcomes all obstacles.

“Countdown” showed me that despite my love for this show it has some major drawbacks and failing aspects to it. Shows like FlashForward, Lost, and Battlestar Galatica are made on their storylines, but their characters and the emotional connection the audience has towards them. If the audience didn’t love Admiral Adama as much as they did BSG would have faltered with in the first season. If Michael Emerson as Benjamin Linus hadn’t dug his way into our hearts Henry Gale wouldn’t have seen past the 3 episodes he was orignally scheduled to be in. For some reason FF has failed to capture the heart of it’s characters and unfortunately for would be fans they now have no way to correct their error.

For the sake of honesty the only reason I continued to watch FF was because I wanted to see “My Hobbit” again. Other than 1 episode of lost at the beginning of the 4th season I hadn’t seen Dominic Monaghan on the small screen in 2 years. There was no way that I was going to stop watching the show before I got a chance to see if he could move past my visions of him as the loveable drug addict Charlie Pace. Luckily for me and other viewers in my opinion, proved once and for all that he could do more than play washed up has beens and hungry hobbits. Unfortunately for the viewers he alone wasn’t enough to hold the show on his shoulders. And even in this episode I found myself wanting to know what the point of him being there was? Other than falling asleep during the Dem and Janis melodrama that took place on the sidewalk. Talk about being comfortable in your surroundings. Sheesh. Oh well by this time next week we will all know which flashes came true and which ones were able to thwart destiny. Hopefully it will be interesting. If not what a sucky way to bow out.

by Mendie

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