The Good Guys: Series Premiere

This is just what television needs, another cop show.  Don’t we have enough cop shows on the air?  I mean really how many times can we see a bad guy arrested?  Apparently at least once more and well folks any cop show that uses The Fratelli’s within the first 2 minutes is a show I can get behind.  But seriously folks after 44 minutes of pornstashe, the only opinion I came away with was it’s good.  Not great.  Not bad.  Good.  Now I don’t mean you shouldn’t check it out yourself, you should.  Sometimes good is exactly what is needed.  It means that you can sit back and escape in what you are watching without being paranoid that you are missing some important piece of information needed to know what is going on.  Plus there is the added bonus of the pornstashe and some true laughs.  Come on who wouldn’t want that?

The Good Guys stars Colin Hanks (The Great Buck Howard) and Bradley Whitford (The West Wing) as Turner & Hooch.  I kid, I kid.  Although Whitford as Dan does bear an uncanny resemblance to Hooch.  Dan reminds me of every drunken stereotype of a cop show they had back in the 70’s and 80’s.   An over-the-top bigger than the scene character.  Luckily for Whitford, Hanks as Jack does a fine job of bringing Dan down to tolerable levels.  Their styles play well off each other and without stealing anything from the other.  I will say that I don’t believe either of these two characters would have worked if a different actor had been portraying them.  Most shows try to go for “the bigger the better”, but what they fail to realize is that sometimes it is the straight man that makes the over-the-top work.  If Dan’s real name turns out to be Daniel I am going to laugh hysterically.  A drunken, run down cop whose name is Daniel and his partner’s name is Jack would just be perfect.

I don’t believe that this show will be a run away hit, but if given half a chance I do see it being a pleasant, off beat break for an hour a week.  I think FOX did it a favor by scheduling it as a summer show.  This way it doesn’t have to fight for an audience among all the other drab and dreary cop shows that span the airways come fall.  If anything, for me at least, it will be nice to see my favorite non-alien and my favorite Deputy Chief of Staff on the small screen week after week.


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