Lost in Previews: Inception Trailer 2

The awesomely awesome new trailer for Inception debuted today and WOW!  We actually find out about the plot and get to see a lot more mind-bending images.  Thanks, Christopher Nolan.  We may not have another Batman movie until 2012, but I am sure this movie will tide us over till that one comes.  The trailer is running in front of Iron Man 2.  I still adore that music that has been used in every single trailer for Inception, so I hope it is in the score for the movie.  Along with the actors we have seen in the previous trailers, we now get to see Cillian Murphy, Michael Caine, Marion Cotillard, and Tom Hardy.  I love me some Tom Hardy.  If you have not seen him in any movies or miniseries, look him up.  Any actor who turned down this movie is going to regret it (assuming anyone did this).  Inception finally hits theatres July 16, 2010.  This will knock The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on its a**.

Anyone else have a flashback to Star Wars with Leo in that white combat getup in the snow?

by Sarah Ksiazek

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