Lost in Previews: Disneynature’s African Cats Trailer

If you went to see Oceans, then you saw the trailer for the next Disneynature film, African Cats.  I am a little biased but I love this trailer.  Both the Earth and Oceans trailers were fantastic, and this one does not disappoint.  African Cats follows a cheetah female and her cubs and a pride of lions.  I work with lions on a daily basis as a keeper at the Kansas City Zoo and will be working with lions and cheetahs at the Dallas Zoo soon.  I might be a little more fanatical about this movie than other people.  Granted Earth was a very G rated movie with references to momma and daddy polar bears, and Oceans could have had more environmental impact messages and been more educational about the animals on the screen.  I don’t expect African Cats to show a lot of kills or deaths since Earth did not, but there is something about seeing these films on the big screen that just makes it a great experience.

My favorite scene in this trailer is the lion and crocodile in a standoff match.  The music in the trailer “Life is Beautiful” by now defunct band Vega4.  This was the same music used in the My Sister’s Keeper trailer.  African Cats is in theatres Earth Day 2011.  Enjoy!

by Sarah Ksiazek

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