Lost: The End Video Review

Well, that’s it folks! It’s finished, have you stopped crying yet? I get choked up just thinking of it again. It was still as wonderful as I had expected. Since we started this season with a video review for the season premiere, and in keeping with the theme of LOST coming full circle, we had to end the season and series with a video review. I would love to continue talking to everyone about your thoughts on The End. It’s been so great and such a pleasure talking about a show I truly love and obsess over. The show may be over for some, but it will live on for me, especially because I have the seasons on DVD. I will share a couple of moments with you before I get to the video review. My favorite line from the night came from Locke/Smokey talking to Jack. I’m paraphrasing, of course, “Aren’t you kind of the obvious choice?” I was laughing at that for a while. Also, there were so many moments that had me choked up. In fact, as soon as Sun and Jin came on screen, I began to weep. But what really got me going, when I knew there was no going back was the Apollo bar. When Juliet and James finally reconnected! I don’t care what anyone else says, I LOVED Juliet and she and James were just dreamy together. So those were my big moments of the night, what were yours?

by Angela Davis


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