LOST: What They Died For

Wow! They really didn’t leave much room for questioning. Jacob finally dished the goods, more people died and Jack now has magical powers! It’s always been about Jack, and I loved that they announced a candidate now instead of making us wait until the very end. This show is starting to come full circle and make you feel all warm and gooey inside. The episode started with Jack stitching up Kate’s wound, which is coming full circle to the pilot episode in which Kate stitches up Jack after the crash. Locke tells Ben that Desmond is the fail-safe to keeping Locke on the island and is a last resort brought here by Widmore. This is coming full circle from the beginning as Desmond held the fail-safe key to the hatch and when he turned the key, released all the energy and blew the hatch up.

In the alternate world, it’s getting really juicy and Desmond is such a smart man, and has always been my favorite, by the way. Well, except for Charlie, but they were buddies. Desmond has finally located all the 815 passengers and even some that weren’t on the plane. He is bringing everyone together in the concert hall where Jack’s son will be playing. We will see everyone there: Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Charlotte, Desmond, Faraday, Miles, and I’m sure that Sawyer will be there and even more. We will probably even see Dogen again, because his son plays music at the same school as Jack’s son. Once Desmond brings everyone together, the mystery still remains for how he will converge the two time lines, but I’m sure he will. We even have Locke agreeing to do the surgery to walk with Jack. Now that he has the surgery, if he is smashed together with the two time lines, it will make sense that he can walk. What if it ends with the plane crashing on the island?! Everything will just cycle again and come full circle at the same time. That would just be so epic!

I know a lot of people didn’t like last week’s episode, but I’m sure that this made up for that, for sure. Even though this episode may have been a little more predictive than any other episode, ever, at least it was the information we have been waiting for all along. Let’s just lay out what has been answered, and what is left to be answered.


Why were each of them chosen by Jacob to be candidates? Jacob finally stood up and confessed that each of them were brought to the island because they are empty and searching for something they will never find, which is how Jacob was. I kind of saw that answer coming, but to have Jacob tell them himself was a shock. There was nothing left for guessing after that.

Why wasn’t Kate a candidate? It was so simple, but brilliant. She was crossed off the list because she had become a mother to Aaron. Jacob still offered her the job if she wanted it, which she quickly sank into the ground, as if to not be called on by the teacher.

Who will be the candidate? Jack, of course. It’s always been about Jack. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! He has always felt that he belonged on the island. When they were rescued, all he did was drink and scream, “we have to go back!” I have to admit for a minute that I thought Sawyer would stand up and take the job because of his guilt about setting off the bomb that ultimately killed Jin, Sun and Sayid.

Why was Widmore so concerned with the island? Well, we can’t say that everything about Widmore was answered, but I think we can safely say that he was mostly good and wanted to protect the island and the rest of the world from being engulfed by MiB. He did still have a beef with Ben and even though he was over it, Ben wasn’t. It was pretty shocking that Ben killed Widmore, but sadly, I felt nothing for the man. I think the island was finished with him too.

Left to be Answered:

How will the two time lines tie together? Like I had said earlier, I know it will have something to do with the concert hall that everyone will be gathered at soon. How Desmond does it is left to be seen. I want to think that somehow he will get everyone on a plane and the plane will crash on the island in the exact way that the pilot episode started. Can you say, Epic?

Will Charlie and Claire have their moment together? I know it’s far fetched, but they are soul mates and so in love and I will be mad and really sad if they don’t finally connect.

Why can’t women give birth on the island? We know that the Tawaret statue means fertility, but is it as simple as the statue got knocked over and now no more babies?

Who built the statue? I’m pretty sure this might be one that is left to our imaginations. As the show has progressed, we have slowly been seeing the Egyptian scriptures everywhere and we will probably have to assume that they were just one of the first groups brought to the island by Jacob to find a candidate. Unfortunately, none of them made the grade, but in the process, they built the stuff that has remained throughout the show.

What’s up with Walt? This is another one that will probably fall by the wayside. Mostly because the boy who played Walt grew up to look like an NBA player in no time. If he had been blessed with stunted growth, I’m sure we would have found out about Walt a few years ago.

Why was the island sunken underwater in the LA X episode at the beginning of season 6? This is an important one. We really need to see this one since it was just brought to us this season. I don’t have any explanation as to why this happened.

Why is Eloise Hawking so mysterious? She has had her hand in all of this somehow. Has she known all along what would happen, and if so, did she ever try to change anything?

We now know that Desmond is the fail-safe, so this “sacrifice” that Desmond is willing to do for the sake of the island, will that kill him? I sure hope not, but he could be Jacob-like.

Why is Christian Shephard’s body never found on the island and now never located on the sideways/alternate timeline? I think this could just be part of why Jack is the candidate. He needs to have no one and then he will volunteer for the role.

Finally, what is the deal with the island? Why is there a light at the heart of it, that is also in all of mankind? How does it heal people, like Rose, but not heal others?¬† This will hopefully be answered with the end, but just like Jacob and MiB’s mother said, “an answer will only lead to more questions.” Prepare yourself now for still having some mysteries left. This just gives us more reason to watch the series all over again.

I give What They Died For 5 “You All Everybody!” out of 5.

by Angela Davis

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