Lost in Previews: Machete Trailer

There are members of the staff here at Lost in Reviews who really like director Robert Rodriguez. I personally have not seen enough of his movies to have an opinion. The trailer for Machete was released today over at Ain’t It Cool News. Apparently, Rodriguez stopped by a contributor’s house with the trailer. We here at Lost in Reviews are not that cool . . . yet. We are also located in Kansas City which is not a prime target for anyone famous to just stop by. The trailer was released on Cinco de Mayo because it is basically a “Mexiploitation” film about the exact issue that is huge in Arizona right now (you know, that whole governor hates illegal immigrants thing). Like Sin City, there are quite a few noteworthy actors in the film (Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez, ?Lindsay Lohan?, Jessica Alba, Robert DeNiro, Don Johnson, Cheech Marin, Steven Seagal, and Jeff Fahey). It’s a pretty cool trailer, if I do say so myself. Machete will be in theatres September 10, 2010.

Visit AICN to watch the trailer (even in HD 720p). Warning: Language

by Sarah Ksiazek

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