Lost in Previews: Toy Story 3 Teasers

So Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 3 is out June 18, everyone should know that right? Right! and if you didn’t well now you know, okay? Well what some may not know is the fact that lucky college students were treated to a special “Cliff Hanger” edition of Toy Story 3 last month. The Cliff Hanger edition showed the first 65mins of the movie. It’s hard to believe but some of those lucky students in attendance were introduced to Wood, Buzz, Mr. Potato Head, Rex, Ham and the rest of the gang nearly 15 years ago!!! Shockingly Toy Story came out in 1995, it doesn’t even feel like that long ago but it was (wow I am getting old!) Thus a once young generation now on the cusp of adult hood and all that it entails has grown up, same as Andy, outgrowing their toys, though hopefully not Toy Story.

So in an effort to capture the attention of those of us that have grown up in the past 15 years Disney and Pixar came up with the following internet-only teasers for Toy Story 3. Hoping to remind a generation that may think it’s now “unhip” to go see their one time childhood friends and toys on the big screen this summer. Let’s take a look…

First up is a take on how gadgets becoming “toys” as we get older. Good Little Green Army Men (or Barbie for the ladies) give way to iPods, big wheels give way to sports cars and Nerf guns give way to video games.

Next up is probably my favorite of the bunch. This teaser opens like it’s a Paranormal Activity/Saw-Style horror film.

The third opens up on a Mac desktop, a nice nod to Steve Jobs/Apple who was very instrumental in Pixar history.  Fun nerd factoid: to date, just about every Pixar film has some type of an Apple/Mac Easter egg hidden in it. A Daft Punk style remix of  the series staple song “You Got a Friend in Me” plays as Woody and Buzz riff on each other via chat. The chat is interrupted when the public use computer gets a random chat request for one of the new toys in Toy Story 3 Trixie The Triceratops.

It’s fun to see Disney/Pixar winking and nodding at a generation that could easily over look what they may typically write off as kids fare. I doubt they will, but in case they had forgotten these are fun reminders.

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