Movies to Drink to: UNDISPUTED III

Undisputed II‘s Boyka is back to hammer home the excitement!” That is the tag line on the back of Undisputed 3 Redemption‘s Blu-Ray case and just a small taste as to what makes this film a great movie to drink to. Though I admittedly have never seen the first two Undisputed films it’s not that hard to catch up on the plot. We follow a Russian inmate, Boyka, after he was defeated in, I’m guessing Undisputed 2, where he critically injured his knee, but his will to be number one is what pushes him through the pain and into the ring. Boyka must fight seven other prisoners to gain his FREEDOM! How does that not add up to the perfect B movie?

Undisputed 3 has everything you could want for drunken night video store hunting: a non-existent plot, comically bad voice-over work, and deadly boomerang rocks.  The film stars Scott Adkins who most might remember as the mysterious Weapon XI from X-Men Origins Wolverine. An expert in martial arts, Adkins displays a wide range of talent when it comes to combat.

The fights are the main draw to the film and if you’re not interested in martial arts films then I would steer clear. Undisputed knows what it’s audience wants and gives it to them even if it means putting the plot on fast forward. This will help your drunken mind as memory isn’t one of alcohol’s special features. You get just what you need from the story as the eight character’s back stories are rattled off as quickly as they are introduced. It’s as simple as guards asking the inmates why they are here and the definitive answer being murder, I was kind off disappointed no one said tax fraud just to spice things up. I guess I’ll have to wait for Undisputed 4 for any plot twists like that though.

As far as content on the disk goes it’s nonexistent, I guess they figure that the time you spend with the film is all you really want to put in. It would have been nice though to see a little depth on the fight choreography as it is some of the best I have seen in a long time. The fights seem fluid and natural, none of the fighters feel out of place. The fight that caught my attention most was between Boyka and The Brazilian Fighter, yes he had no name that makes him mysterious. On a serious note this was the best fight of the film as both fighters moved around the ring with mind blowing gracefulness.

Undisputed 3 will never be on the top of my best films list but for those of you that are into Steven Segal-all out action fests, this could be the film for you. As for me it’s one of those films that requires a drinking game to get through, so here are the rules for Undisputed 3:

Rule 1: Any time the camera quickly zooms in on anything take a drink.

Rule 2: Any time the camera goes in slow motion take a drink.

Rule 3: When someone gets kicked in the face take a drink.

Rule 4: Every time Boyka and Turbo find a new way to work out with rocks take a drink.

Rule 5: Every time Turbo says Russian take a drink.

Rule 6: Every time a fighter is shot take a drink.

Rule 7: When Boyka grabs his knee take a drink, this also works for when anyone in the movie talks about his knee or just gives it a good look.

Rule 8: Every time there is a flashback take a drink.

Rule 9: Every time Turbo or Boyka and their handlers talk about how badass they are take a drink. (This would include all talk about well rounded fighters)

Rule 10: Anytime an ironic rap/rock song comes on take a drink.

Expert Level Rules: When Boyka kills a man with a rock from 40 yards, stand up salute the screen and take a shot, because hell if you can kill a guy with a rock you deserve to be saluted.

That should send you well on your way to loving this movie! If not rinse and repeat.

Look for Undisputed III: Redemption Tuesday June 1st

By Ryan Davis

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