Upfronts: Upstarts and Broken hearts

It’s official Pilot season is over.  Well what we have come to know as Pilot season anyways.  With the way television works now new shows are being made year round, but that is another story.  Some believe that the new television season begins in September, but they would be wrong.  It actually begins in May when the networks go in front of advertisers and map out their new seasons.  As the years go on what is known as Upfronts have gotten bigger and more outlandish.  But the bottom line is that no one, not the networks, the advertisers, or the critics can predict which new show is going to be a winner and which one is going to be fade away into nothingness.  Only the audience can determine that and after sifting through everything I believe I have come up with a list of the best new shows that I will be checking out come September.


No Ordinary Family, starring Michael Chiklis & Julie Benz, is about a family that crashes in a jungle (someone was watching Lost) and comes away with super-powers.   Not only is this a quirky family show, it’s a quirky family show with super powers.  Hell you can’t beat that.

Although Mr. Sunshine is considered to be a mid-season replacement I would be hard pressed not to believe that a comedy starring Matthew Perry and Allison Janney will be anything but a laugh out loud fest.

Special Mention:  My Generation surrounds a group of adults that follows them from their graduation through the next 10 years in documentary form.  Sometimes the best revenge is a yearbook.


Running Wilde –  Arrested Devolpement with heart?  I am so there.  Oh hell even with out the heart I am there.

Terra Nova is from what I can tell a new sci-fi show that deals with time travel and dinosaurs.  It doesn’t hurt that it comes from the mind of Stephen Spielberg and who does dinosaurs better than Stephen himself?  Yeah I couldn’t think of anyone else either.

Special Mention:  Raising Hope just because I love watching bumbling people try to feel their way through parenthood.


Undercovers – I will follow JJ anywhere and it doesn’t hurt that a story about a married couple who have retired from the spy business and end up going back actually looks pretty fun to watch.  I do believe that NBC may have a hit on their  hands.

The Event is a show about, well I don’t know what it is about, and apparently the people involved don’t know either because the clips show everyone trying to figure out what happened or is about to happen.  For those of you who are like me and enjoy watching a show that is that doesn’t get resolved in 44 minutes or less this one should be right up our alley.

Special Mention: Chase – For no other reason than it has Cole Hauser in it and after seeing him in Paparazzi and Higher Learning I will pretty much watch him in anything.


Hawaii Five-O – Truthfully I am not sure if I plan on checking out the show because I want to see how many places I can pick out that I saw on Lost or if it is because the remake is entertaining.  Either way I’m there.

Blue Bloods – Usually I am not much of a fan of cop shows whether they are about families or not, but come on it boasts Donnie “Freaking” Wahlberg!  If you laughed at that last statement I implore you to watch Band of Brothers and then come back and see if you laugh.  Yeah I didn’t think so.

Special Mention: $#! My Dad Says I am holding out my judgment on this show because in a move I yet to understand Ryan Devlin will no longer be playing the lead role and well frankly I have Twitter so I’m not sure if they are going to say anything on the show I haven’t already read.

The CW

I wasn’t going to pick anything for this network considering the fact that they only picked up 2 new series, one being a show about competitive high school cheer leading (I’ve seen Bring It On so no thanks) and the other a show based on a remake (I think this may be the 3rd or 4th remake) of La Femme Nikita.  Truthfully neither looked all that special, but seeing as how I felt I had to choose one I picked Nikita.  I’m sorry but unless one of those cheerleaders is Kirsten Dunst or Gabrielle Union saying “Bring it” I have no interest in watching spoiled little rich girls jump around and shake their pom poms.

So there you have it folks my picks for the most promising pilots of the new season.  Let’s hope there are more upstarts than broken hearts.

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