The Real McKenzies: Shine Not Burn

Alright, alright, alright. We have a sound of perfection on our hands this week and you just don’t hear that kind of sound enough now-a-days. We have a sound that involves powerful statements about getting rotten queens off the money and on the chopping block, and who can’t agree with that?  We have a song about Scotland and a song about riding motorcycles and a few songs about drinking, partying, and whiskey heaven…. That’s right. Like I said, we have pure perfection on our hands, especially for someone like me who has a very, very thirsty soul for pure, unfiltered  madness and strong whiskey. This week we have a band called The Real McKenzies and their new live album “Shine Not Burn” available June 22. They’re a Scottish band from Vancouver and before you even begin to move your tongue and say something like, “Great, another Scottish band singing for twenty one songs about drinking,” SHUT UP! What The Real McKenzies do differently and do so very well is they are completely raw and unapologetic about who they are and yet at the same time make you have a good old time with these drunken musicians; nothing but a good happy time. Now, when doing album reviews, I like to point out the songs that are just great– amazing, unbeatable, or however more impressive over the other songs, but with The Real McKenzies, every song on “Shine Not Burn” is perfect. Even with so many songs about raw drinking and partying, they still make each original and just so enjoyable.

The album was recorded at the “WILD AT HEART” in Kreuzberg, Berlin, a very wise decision. This band should not be listened to unless it’s live. Listening to the studio version of The Real McKenzies would probably be like trying to enjoy Mozart and smoking crack at the same time.  The dialogue between songs will give you a great laugh and show the close relationship between the nine band members; and I’m guessing there are nine of them just in case a few of them could not make roll call from the night before. It is a hard sport to drink copious amounts of strong drink and attend a year long party (touring) and this could almost be considered a blood sport but hell, who would do it if it wasn’t fun?

So let’s get down to it, The Real McKenzies new album “Shine Not Burn” is a must have to anyone who has any sort of musical taste at all. The next time you have a party put this bad boy on and twenty one tracks later look and see what kind of animal you and your friends have become and then replay the album or put on some Andrew W.K., your choice. You should be able to find their album on their website so pick it up, e-mail me and let’s party hardy, but I have to go hit the road for now and drink some Wild Turkey with my crazy ass friends so till then, get lost….

The Real McKenzies gets 5 “glasses of whiskey(on the rocks)” out of 5

by Josh Davis


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