Blu Monday: Hot Tub Time Machine

In 1986, many things were happening; Apple Computers introduced the Macintosh Plus, 5,000,000 people linked hands from LA to NYC for “Hands Across America” and Radiohead performed for the first time under the name “On a Friday.” When it came to John Cusack and the gang, they were just having a drug-induced weekend at Kodiak Valley, trying their hardest to get laid and have a story to tell.

Fast forward twenty years or so,  and Adam (played by John Cusack) is losing another girlfriend, plus his plasma TV, his nephew Jacob (Clark Duke) hasn’t left his basement for a couple of months due to his infatuation with Second Life and his duration of doing “hard time” within the game itself. Nick (Craig Robinson) had to give up the band and get a real job at the doggy boutique, now that he is married, and Lou (Rob Corddry) has never even tried to grow up. He goes out every night and tries to recapture his youth again and again, as his hairline recedes and his hangovers get worse. read more

Hot Tub Time Machine is now available on DVD and Blu Ray, I’m going to tell you about the Unrated version on Blu Ray. The package includes both the theatrical and the unrated versions of the film. To be honest, there isn’t much difference between them. They still have the same ending, and I only noticed a couple of new scenes. They weren’t even too risky for the theatrical version, they were probably left out due to time constraints. The package also includes a digital copy of the film, for those times when you need to watch the film in the car, on a laptop or iPod.

As far as special features, there are deleted scenes, the theatrical trailer, Crispin Glover: One armed Bell Hop, Totally Radical Outfits: Dayna Pink, Chevy Chase: The Nicest Guy of Hollywood, and Production: Acting Like Idiots.

Deleted Scenes are some scenes that were deleted, some that have been changed a bit, extended or shortened and some where there were multiple line reads to see which would work the best. Some are pretty funny, some of them are not.

The Theatrical Trailer is what you would expect. Unexpectedly, the rest of the special features are really nothing. Most of them are just extended trailers for the blu ray as well as additional tv spots. The piece on Chevy Chase is cool. Since he is the resident comedian out of the bunch, it was nice to see him get some gratification from the rest of the guys.

Surprisingly, there was no commentary and no outtakes of the group laughing together. I would have loved some commentary from Cusack telling us why this movie was so awesome. I also would have loved some outtakes from Craig Robinson after whispering “Great White Buffalo” one too many times.

Overall, the movie is hilariously awesome and it sells itself. It transferred to Hi Definition really well and the sound is great. Even though the special features are just okay here, the film is what people are really buying the package for. Just beware: the “Unrated” version is actually only one minute and forty seconds longer than the theatrical version. It is only one additional scene, and this makes me laugh. It’s a slacker’s way of getting more out of a title than it’s worth, just like the slackers in the film; how ironic. Either way, I say Buy It.

by Angela Davis

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