Blu Monday: Not That Eclipse

This week on Blu Monday, we cover a few of the blu rays coming out on June 29. We have The Eclipse, but not the Eclipse movie you are thinking of, The Warlords and Predator.

Video Review Summary:

The Eclipse: RENT IT. A compelling story but with a lack of special features, leaves this eclipse lying in the rent it category.

The Warlords: RENT IT. A good story with fantastic visuals and great sound, but a grainy 1080p transfer leaves The Warlords in the Rent It Bin.

Predator Ultimate Hunters Edition: RENT IT. Though this is a great standard def to Blu Ray transfer minus a few scenes. The only thing that keeps Predator from sitting on our BUY IT shelf is the special features it shares in common with it’s Blu Ray predecessor. Though it does have a few new special features they are most likely to end up on the Predators Blu Ray.

by Ryan Davis and Angela Davis

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Angela is the Editor-in-Chief of Lost in Reviews. She and Ryan created Lost in Reviews together in 2009 out of a mutual hatred for all the stodgy old farts currently writing film reviews. Since launching the site, Angela has enjoyed reviewing indie films over all other films, picking up new music from all corners of the world and photographing live shows. She is the co-host of Blu Monday and a member of the Kansas City Film Critic Circle.

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