DVD Review: Star Struck

Starstruck is the story of the usual heartthrob, famous guy meets the girl next door from a small town. You know how Disney is, they fill your children’s heads with sugarplums and happiness, hoping to bleed you dry of any revenue. This story takes place when youngins Jessica and older sister Sara head to Hollywood on a family vacation to visit Grandma. Sara is obsessed with pop star Christopher Wilde and hopes to track him down, aka stalk him. There are no surprises in this film. It’s exactly as you would expect: girl likes boy, boy is famous and wants to focus on career, boy opens up to girl and poof, he’s the perfect man.

The DVD says that this will be fun for the whole family, but unless you are under 16, this is a lie. I will admit that this was a well made Disney film, I was not impressed by the story and the cheesy heartthrob feel from the whole film. The only good qualities I could give this film is that the morals are there. As a modern-day Cinderella, the plain girl will get the attention she deserves and there are lessons in place about being yourself and honesty.

The DVD is a 2-Disc Extended Edition and the special features are as follows:

Exclusive Extended Music Scene – featuring the song, “Got To Believe.” Was there really a need to extend this song? I didn’t like the song to begin with and this version is even longer.

Music Videos – “Starstruck” “Something About The Sunshine” “Party Up”. Not for me, but I think kids will love watching these and copying the dance moves and putting that song on repeat. Sorry parents.

Rock Along – Your chance to take the stage and sing along with the movie. Ok, I tried this, and it works, but it was not fun for me. But I tried it just for you. Kids will love it though.

2nd Disc is the Full Length Soundtrack CD: Starstruck, Shades, Hero, Something About The Sunshine (Duet), What You Mean To Me, Party Up, Got To Believe (Bonus Track), Hero (Unplugged), Something About The Sunshine (Solo), New Boyfriend, Welcome To Hollywood, Make A Movie.

So, as you can see there are plenty of features on this DVD to keep kids busy, but you probably won’t get these songs out of your head for a week. I think you can guess what rating I will give Starstruck: Extended Edition, however, I will give it a small, SMALL, RENT IT. Just don’t tell anyone that I am recommending it. If anyone asks, my rating is… BURN IT.

by Angela Davis

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