Fallout: New Vegas and Rage Recaps – E3

It was a lot of fun getting to watch all the presentations and play demos of all these new games  that the industry has lined up for this year and the next.  Here’s a little grab-bag video of assorted title recaps including:  EA Gun Club, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, the Retron 3 console, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Rage, and Fallout: New Vegas.  Below the recap, you’ll find a video guide so you can skip right to the parts you really want to see, and I’ve also included some short write-ups about each title as well as pictures.

EA Gun Club — 0:00-1:10

  • The Gun Club is EA’s way of saying “thanks” to it’s loyal shooter community.  To be a member, you have to get registered with an EA account, and use that ID to findout what your Gun Club status is.  The site will tell you how to climb higher in the club’s status and what kind of rewards you have unlocked and what you will unlock soon.  Perks of being in the Gun Club include getting your hands on new weapons that aren’t released to the public, the latest in news and updates, and access to demos and betas before everyone else.  For example, right now their featured reward is to play the Medal of Honor beta before everyone else.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days — 1:11-04:05

  • Kane and Lynch return with an all new crime-action game taking place in Shanghai.  It’ll be more focused on Lynch’s backplot and storylines, hopefully staying away from the first game’s surprise jungle warfare.  Our hands on time with Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days was promising, with new visual styles and a better cover system.  The new multiplayer types like Undercover Cop, make Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days something I’m definitely going to pre-order.
    • Retron is a unique new console which allows the player to play NES cartridges, SNES games and Sega Genesis games all on the same system.  It is packaged with their own wireless controllers that are compatible with all 3 types, but something really great are the 6 controller ports on the console, allowing you to bust out your own NES, SNES and Genesis controllers.  Dust off your box of classic games!
    • Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is a new adventure for the already established character of Ezio Audiatore from Assassin’s Creed II.  With 15 hours of a new campaign, online co-op for the campaign, a brand new multiplayer with a handful of gametypes and a 2010 Holiday release date, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is well on it’s way of becoming a huge hit.
    • ID was practically bursting at the seams with pride as they showed off their baby, Rage, at E3 this year.  Why not?  This is their first original title to come out in over 10 years!  Rage is an apocalyptic first-person shooter based in the near future.  You will be stepping out of your sci-fi ark and into a world that you don’t recognize; you’ll be up to your teeth in mutants and bandits (thanks to a massive asteroid collision with the Earth).  While multiplayer options weren’t really touched on during our demo, the single player seems to have enough things going on that you won’t get bored.  Think Fallout 3 meets Borderlands with a generous helping of DOOM thrown in for good measure.  This will definitely be one to keep your eye on in 2011.
    • Fallout: New Vegas is the much anticipated sequel to the smash hit Fallout 3.  A fun, new location, Vegas style plotline and a huge new arsenal sets New Vegas apart from it’s predecessor.  It handles identically to Fallout 3, with no major changes to the control scheme.  They’ve added a few new functions allowing for quick control over your companions, such as the command wheel.  A thumbstick controlled option wheel that pops us, allowing you to give quick commands to your companion in combat. Overall, New Vegas was an early glimpse at another blockbuster title.
  • Retron 3 console — 04:12-05:15

    Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood — 05:26-09:43

    Rage — 09:44-20:00

    Fallout: New Vegas — 20:01-25:20

    by Rachael Edwards Hite and Blake Edwards.


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