Movie Review: Get Him To The Greek

Have you ever wanted to know what it might have been like to hang out with Jim Morrison?  Well now you can rest those weary thoughts and go see Get Him To The Greek instead. The film stars Russell Brand as Aldous Snow, the rock star front man for Infant Sorrow, who you might remember from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Brand is rehashing the rock star to give us a longer look into his life and along the way, Jonah Hill as Aaron Green, will be chauffeuring the wild ride.

Aaron works for Sergio (Puff Daddy) at Pinnacle and comes up with a money-making idea to get Aldous Snow to perform a 10 year reunion show at the Greek Theater. Sergio puts Aaron in charge of picking Aldous up and makes it very clear that this is his big moment and he can’t mess it up. As you can imagine, things start going wrong as soon as he meets Aldous.

This film was hilarious, I have to just come out and say it. I would watch it again now if I had the chance. In fact, I may have to, due to the loud laughter taking over the dialogue in the theater. I was most surprised by Puff Daddy/Sean Combs’ performance as Sergio. He was great, and I don’t think I’ve seen him in anything else, definitely not a comedy. He was very adamant about “mind fucking” people. He would go on and on about how to do it and show it in his face, only his face looked the same as it had before, which made it even funnier. There was also a quick performance from Aziz Ansari as Matty, a coworker of Aaron’s.

Between all the T and A that is flashed in this film, there were a couple of stand out ladies. First, Aaron’s girlfriend, Daphne, played by Elizabeth Moss, who is interning as a young doctor and is coming and going all the time. You may know her from Mad Men, which I love her in. She was great in a comedy and played off of Jonah really well and they were believable as a couple. Another lady that made a splash was Rose Byrne as Aldous’ ex girlfriend, Jackie Q. She is almost as eccentric as Aldous and when they were both made up like rock stars, they actually look alike a bit! She usually chooses a lot of dramas and horror flicks and I think she has a funny bone to work with. Most of her humor came from her look and the few things she said to Aldous in the beginning, but it worked.

The best performances are from the leads, of course. Hill and Brand make a great team as one is always cool and snarky while the other is panicking and vomiting on himself. Jonah Hill has been the funny side kick for awhile in films. Greek really shows that he has the gusto to carry a film and pull it off. Russell Brand is mostly playing himself in this role. I truly believe that he feels like a rock star in actuality. What is most impressive about him is his amazing vocabulary. He may have been a homeless drug addict before he was an actor, but he was certainly brought up with an education. I could listen to him talk all day long. Not only do I love the British accent, but the way he has with words and manipulating them to exactly his definition of the situation, well it just puts the U.S. and their addiction to Jersey Shore to shame.

The plot line was also very enthusiastic and pretty entertaining. It’s not one of those stories that people will take the time to find plot holes in as it’s just fun for about an hour and forty minutes. There isn’t a total resolution with the Aldous Snow character, but I kind of took that as an opening for another film, if the market is right for it.  Overall, I was thoroughly entertained by the film and would highly recommend it for people over seventeen as it’s rated R. Go and see the modern day Lizard King.

I give Get Him To The Greek 4 “lucky Russell wasn’t part of the 27 club” out of 5

by Angela Davis

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