Movie Review: Knight and Day – A Great Movie with a Bad Name

Knight and Day is an action comedy that follows Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) and June Havens’ (Cameron Diaz) escapades together after June becomes accidentally intertwined in a manhunt for Roy.  The movie starts out in the Wichita, Kansas airport with June getting on a plane that she was never meant to be on.  Roy is being chased by bad guys for something he took.  The bad guys have bought an entire flight to Boston to kill him and June just wants to get back to Boston for her sister’s wedding.  The real cause for the chase that spans the entire movie is not immediately made clear until maybe halfway through the movie and even then you have doubts as to whether Roy is a good guy or a bad guy.  The audience does not get to find out who the bad guys are with certainty until near the end of the movie.

I am not a big Cameron Diaz or Tom Cruise fan, and I went into the movie expecting the worst and came out pleasantly surprised.  Diaz and Cruise both did well with the lines they were given.  I have always thought that Diaz was an “over actor,” but she brought it down a notch.  Cruise was back to his funny, charming self.  His portrayal of Roy Miller reminded me of Jerry Maguire.  I was laughing throughout the movie and the action sequences were great.  I even had a wince moment for a fight scene.  The action scenes were pretty good and believable and some even combined the humor with the action.  The seat belt fight at the beginning of the movie was great.

The movie is set in many different locales.  I counted eight cities or countries.  Of course, the movie was not actually shot in all of those locations.  I don’t remember there being a news story that Cameron and Tom were in Wichita.  The different locations definitely made the movie interesting with the change of scenery on a constant basis.

The movie has a pretty good supporting cast.  Paul Dano has a small, but great part as a nerdy scientist with a penchant for Hall & Oates.  Viola Davis and Peter Sarsgaard play some of the “bad guys.”  Mark Blucas plays a fire fighter ex-boyfriend to June, and Maggie Grace plays June’s sister.  I could not place the boss of the Spanish bad guys until referencing IMDB.  It turned out to be Jordi Mollà (Elizabeth: The Golden Age) playing Antonio.

The movie has a long run time of two hours and ten minutes.  It dragged in some parts and would have been better if they had cut some scenes and made it 20 to 30 minutes shorter than it was.  This was not the kind of plot or movie that warranted the lengthy run time.

One small, but confusing problem is the title of the movie.  I assumed going in that the title had to reference the two characters’ last names.  Nope, it only partially does and in a round about way.  I still don’t know why that title was chosen.  If you do, help me out.

This is a great summer movie.  I would have to say that Knight and Day is the first great action flick of the summer.  Both guys and girls will find something to love.  Do not think too much about the plot and just enjoy the movie.  Regardless of what you think about the actors or the trailers you have seen, this is a film that is worth the $10 on those hot summer days and nights.

I give Knight and Day 4 “Spiked Drinks” out of 5.

by Sarah Ksiazek

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