Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head Breaks up With Natalie Portman

Band Announces New Project Under A New Name Brite Futures With A Free Summer MP3 For All!

We chose our band name on a whim when we were still in high school, and Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head has seen us through an unexpectedly amazing four years. Our love affair with Natalie’s name was like a summer fling that lasted… and lasted… and lasted… But now it is summer once again, and time for a change. Also it has recently come to our attention that our muse Ms. Portman is not so keen on us using her name in ours… Ultimately we are lovers, not fighters, and our mamas didn’t raise no fools, so we feel it is time to move forward with a new name. We are BRITE FUTURES. PS no hard feelings Natalie. You remain +1 on every guest list.

Please click onto for a free download of Dog Eared Summer, the first song from the band now known as Brite Futures as well as a video of the band breaking the news to Natalie Portman on the name change.

The live debut of Brite Futures will be in their hometown of Seattle, WA headlining the grand finale of the Vera Project’s 8th annual A Drink For The Kids fundraiser on July 17th at Neumos. The community driven event raises money for the volunteer run, non-profit and all-ages event space, which has been a major force in Seattle music scene since it’s inception in 2001.

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