Persons Unknown Series Premiere

Sometimes I get the feeling that summer is used by networks to dump shows they already made a commitment to but have no intention of seeing succeed.  For some reason the networks feel that people watch less television in the summer months than they do any other time.  That may be because we viewers have been Pavlovian trained to expect quality shows to begin in September.  Which of course as we all know is no longer a true statement what with shows such as Burn Notice, Mad Men, Flashpoint, and True Blood to name a few on during the summer.  This time around NBC brings us a new mystery drama created by Christopher McQuarrie, the guy who helped bring Verbal Kint to life,  surrounding a group of people held hostage in a deserted town they must try to escape from.  Let the wacky hi jinx commence.

Persons Unknown jumps right in with the creepy “Huh?” feeling.  Capitalizing on every parent’s worst nightmare when for a few heart attack educing moments Janet, who believes her husband is hiding from her for some reason we have yet to learn, fears her daughter is missing.  Instead we soon discover that all is well with the little girl, well, all except for the fact that it was her mother who was the one in danger.  As it turns out Janet wasn’t the only one because soon she learns that 7 other people have also been kidnapped and left in the middle of nowhere.  If you were like me you were wondering why they didn’t just walk out of town?  Seems like the simplest task when faced with being stranded in an abandoned town.  But oh yeah whoever thought of the mass kidnapping scheme had that part under control as well because each hostage was fitted with a biometric device that emits tranquilizer’s when the hostage tries to go too far outside of the zone.  Who needs fences and walls when you have drugs?  The new serial mystery has been ordered for a 13 episode run and with any luck the show is only meant to run for the one season.  This way the show doesn’t run the risk of losing viewers while they wait for the second season to air next summer nor do the viewers who stick with the show run the risk of getting to the end of the 13th episode and having to deal with the fact that there may be no resolution in sight if not ended properly.

Whether or not I will be one of the viewers that sticks with the show has yet to be determined.  The mystery itself peaks my curiosity and as I watched the premiere I couldn’t help but to wonder why this all was happening?  What is the point?  Is there even a point to all of it or is it some guy’s idea of a sick joke?  What can I say I am sucker for a mystery.  Even a bad one and so far this is a pretty good mystery.  The acting and writing on the other hand could use some tweaking.  Sometimes it feels that the only reason there is a connection between the actors is that they happen to be on the same show.  Which I guess when I think about it is perfectly legit considering their characters are only together because they happen to be in the same situation.  Hopefully we will see the characters and the actors gel more as the show progresses.  I still have some reservations, but from what I have seen so far I plan on tuning in again next Monday.  I mean hell if nothing else, I do love a mystery.

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